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Webinar “ New approaches to innovation policy in the transition economies of the SPECA sub-region”

19 May 2022 1:00 - 16:00


This webinar will provide an opportunity to present the main findings of the publication “New innovation policy for transition economies of the SPECA sub-region” and discuss them with the SPECA stakeholders. The feedback received would be reflected in the finalised version of the publication. In addition, this webinar will be used to gather SPECA stakeholders’ views on themes they would like to see covered in the upcoming UNECE training on effective support to innovative enterprises. The initiative will be part of the effort to establish a SPECA business incubator and accelerator network. 


The webinar targets government officials and advisors/experts who develop or implement innovation policy, including aspects related to support of innovative enterprises (business incubators and accelerators) in the SPECA countries.

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