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Simplified Resource Manual

Simplified Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment
Available in English, in French, and in Russian.
Informal translations by OSCE in Armenian and Azerbaijani.
The simplified Resource Manual to Support Application of the Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment was developed following the decision of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol in June 2011. It is a short and concise version of the original Resource Manual (ECE/MP.EIA/17), serving as an introduction to the Protocol and its practical application. The simplified manual aims to make the Protocol and its provisions better known and to provide guidance on the practical undertaking of strategic environmental assessment (SEA). In addition, it is hoped that it will encourage readers to explore the original Resource Manual for in-depth information on the Protocol and SEA.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment to the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention) was adopted in 2003 and entered into force in July 2010. The Protocol establishes a legal requirement to carry out an SEA for certain plans, programmes and, to the extent appropriate, policies and legislation that are likely to have significant effects on the environment, including health. It is a key legal instrument for fostering environmentally sound and sustainable development.

The Simplified Resource Manual does not constitute formal legal or other professional advice, but instead provides guidance to those applying the Protocol or supporting others in doing so.

Chapter 1  Introduction
    1.1 The simplified Resource Manual
    1.2 Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment
    1.3 Strategic environmental assessment
Chapter 2  Integration of strategic environmental assessment into plan and programme making
    2.1 Plan and programme making, strategic environmental assessment and the links between them
    2.2 Practical approaches to integrating strategic environmental assessment into plan and programme making
Chapter 3  Determining whether plans and programmes  require assessment
    3.1 Key provisions
    3.2 Guide to determining whether strategic environmental assessment is required
Chapter 4  Assessment of plans and programmes
    4.1 Scoping
    4.2 Environmental Report
    4.3 Public participation
    4.4 Consultation with authorities
    4.5 Transboundary consultations
    4.6 Decision
    4.7 Monitoring
Chapter 5  Policies and legislation
    5.1 Key provisions
    5.2 Possible approaches