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Russian Federation introduced new control measures with regard to goods in transit

20 September 2002
The TIR Secretary has been informed that new national control measures will become applicable in the Russian Federation as of 21 September 2002 (Order by the State Customs Committee No. 744 of 15 July 2002).
The Order concerns goods in transit which:
 enter the Russian territory in the North-West, Central and South regions of Russia; and
- leave the Russian territory across the borders with Georgia and Azerbaijan.
The above goods are to be presented, for purposes of control, at an intermediate Customs terminal located in the Rostov region (address: Novocherkasskoye shosse, pos. Yantarnyi, Aksaisk district, Rostov region). This terminal will be open round the clock. The Customs office of entry (en route) should inform the driver of the obligation to present the goods and road vehicle at the terminal and should indicate its address on the back of voucher No. 2 of the TIR Carnet.
At the Rostov terminal, Customs officials will check the condition of the load compartment and Customs seals. Following that, they will sign and stamp the back of voucher No. 2. Normally, such regular checks should not be longer than 3 hours. However, if Customs seals are not found intact or there are other evidences of a Customs infringement, Customs may proceed with full physical inspection of the goods.
The Customs office of exit (en route) should check the signature and stamp put at the Rostov terminal. If they are missing, the Customs office of exit (en route) should remove Customs seals, open packages and thoroughly examine the goods.
For further information on the issue please contact the TIR secretariat ([email protected]).