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Russian Federation

21 March 2001

The TIR Secretariat has been informed that the implementation of Order No. 25 as of 15 January 2001 (see below) is suspended for an indefinite time by cable 6737 of 17/03/01 of the State Customs Committee.

Russian Federation

9 March 2001

The State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation has established new national control measures (Order 25 of 15 January 2001) with regard to goods originating from Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Sri-Lanka.
          The above goods may enter the territory of the Russian Federation only through:
- selected railway and road border crossings at the Russian-Kazakh, Russian-Mongolian, Russian-Chinese and Russian-Korean borders;
- all Russian seaports and airports open for international traffic.
          These measures will come into force on 19 March 2001 and are not applicable in the following cases:
- the goods are in transit through the Customs territory of the Russian Federation;
- the goods are destined to foreign diplomatic mission in Russia;
- the goods are transported by natural persons for non-profit-making purposes.
          The list of railway and road border crossings referred above was annexed to Order 25 and may be obtained from the TIR Secretariat.