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Russian Federation

01 February 2002
1. The TIR Secretariat has been informed about Order No. 1132 of 28.11.2001 of the State Customs Committee (SCC) of the Russian Federation which is scheduled to come into force on 11 February 2002. This order introduces a number of procedures for Customs clearance of so-called sensitive goods (mainly electronics and domestic appliances) imported into the Russian Federation by road (including the TIR procedure) with the double objective to tighten Customs control over sensitive goods and, at the same time, to facilitate their clearance by means of a preliminary cargo declaration which the consignee (importer) can lodge at the Customs office of destination.

2. The preliminary cargo declaration should be submitted to Customs following the payment of all Customs duties and taxes due and before the goods enter the Russian territory. Once the declaration is accepted, the Customs office of destination should within 3 hours inform the Customs office of entry (en route) about this fact. The third page of the preliminary declaration (returned by the Customs to the consignee) or its copy should be handed over to the transport operator (or his driver) and be produced at the Customs office of entry (en route). Upon decision by the Head of the Customs office of entry (en route ), fax copies of the preliminary declaration may also be taken into consideration.
3. According to the SCC, the preliminary cargo declaration gives the following advantages to the transport operator and consignee:

    - as a general rule, the sensitive goods are not subject to physical inspection at the border unless the Head of the Customs office of entry (en route ) takes a special decision;

    - no Customs escort is required;

    - final clearance of the goods at destination can be completed within 3 hours following their arrival.

4. Although a preliminary Customs declaration for sensitive goods is not mandatory, the Russian Customs authorities advise to do so. Without such a declaration, the said goods are subject to the following control measures:

    - full physical inspection at the border with recounting of all packages and weighing of the goods;

    - obligatory Customs escort;

    - obligatory placement of the goods to a Customs warehouse at the destination.

5. Irrespective whether a preliminary cargo declaration is available or not, sensitive goods can only be produced and finally cleared at a limited number of approved Customs offices of destination and licensed Customs warehouses. The list of these offices and warehouses is annexed to Order No. 1132 of 28.11.2001 and may be obtained from the TIR secretariat. In accordance with Article 42 bis of the TIR Convention, the TIR Executive Board (TIRExB) will consider, at its nearest session, the compliance of this new order with the provisions of the TIR Convention.
For further information on the issue please contact the TIR secretariat ([email protected]).