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Re-introduction of the TIR guarantee in the European Union (EU) for some sensitive goods as of 1 January 2008.

5 November 2007
The IRU informs that the insurers of the TIR system as well as the EU national associations have accepted to re-introduce in the territory of the EU, as of 1 January 2008, 00h00 hours GMT, the coverage of the following so-called sensitive goods under cover of a TIR Carnet within certain weight limitations.
HS Code Description TIR guarantee provided up to:
0202 10 Meat of max. 3,000 kg
0202 20 bovine animals,
0202 30 frozen
0402 10 Milk and cream, max. 2,500 kg
0402 21 concentrated or
0402 29 containing added
0402 91 sugar or other
0402 99 sweetening matter
0405 10 Butter and other fats max. 3,000 kg
0405 90 and oil derived from milk
1701 11 Cane or beet sugar max. 7,000 kg
1701 12 and chemically
1701 91 pure sucrose,
1701 99 in solid form

Additionally, the TIR coverage for the transport of bananas in the territory of the EU will be fully restored as of that same date, without limitation.
Finally, the IRU recalls that tobacco products with HS codes 24.02.10, 24.02.20 and 24.03.10 as well as alcohol and derived products with HS codes 22.07.10 and 22.08 remain excluded from the TIR guarantee in all Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention, EU included.