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Gap analysis reviews and roadmaps

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The gap analyses and road maps were prepared at the beginning of the UNDA project to develop a basis for future developments. The gaps analyses should identify in the target countries existing national gaps and needs on the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) establishment and reporting, including the 2030 Agenda. Besides, gap analyses address as a stock taking the existing environmental data production, collection, and dissemination issues. The gap analyses were intended to improve the use of environmental data and information in decisions and policymaking. They should guide the target countries in monitoring the progress archived in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They address both strategic and technical measures and actions that should be taken by the national authorities at the national and international level. The gap analyses and roadmaps both provided a solid basis for developing the training materials, capacity-development webinars and other materials prepared in the framework of the UNDA project.


  Gap analysis: current state and development of SEIS (2019) Roadmap (draft, to be developed in national workshops)
Country English Russian English Russian
Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF - PDF -
Georgia PDF - PDF -
Kazakhstan PDF PDF PDF PDF
Kyrgyzstan PDF PDF PDF PDF
North Macedonia PDF - PDF -
Tajikistan PDF PDF PDF PDF

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