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Other meetings and events of the month

•     In the course of this month Mr. Todt met with Italian Ambassador to the Holy Sea, His Excellency Maurizio Serra; State secretary to the Prime minister Mr. Claudio de Vicenti; Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Paolo Gentiloni; Senior Legal Officer at Italian Ministry of Transport Ms. Luciana Lorio; Ambassador of EU to the United Nations Mr. Peter Sorensen; and Ambassador for the United States to the United Nations, Her Excellency Ms. Pamela Hamamoto. During these separate meetings, the Special Envoy gave update on his ongoing efforts to promote road safety globally, including his meeting with Pope Francis.
•     On 19 January, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Director General of United Nations Office in Geneva Michael Møller hosted a dinner event, where Mr. Todt was invited to make remarks to UN leaders about road safety and his efforts as the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy.