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Other meetings and events of the month

•     On 6 April, the Special Envoy met with the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN His Excellency Mr Alexey Borodavkin and on 7 April with Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency Mr Obaid Salem Saeed. During those meetings Jean Todt presented his current and most recent efforts as Special Envoy and his support for the draft road safety resolution which was debated at the General Assembly on 15 April.
•    The Special Envoy gave opening remarks at the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration Meeting on 13 April to provide an update on his activities and recommend upcoming opportunities for concerted action: support for the Road Safety Trust Fund, UN Habitat 3 and the Secretary General’s Conference on Sustainable Mobility.
•    The Special Envoy participated the UNECE Inland Transport Committee's meetings on 29 April. He provided remarks during Working Party 1, the Road Safety Forum, meeting on 29 March and Working Party 29, the Global Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations on 8 March, to convey support to the Working Parties and participating member states as well as provide an update on Special Envoy duties and recommendations.