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New ISO codes for Serbia and Montenegro

16 March 2007
Following the split of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro into the independent States of Montenegro (3 June 2006) and Serbia (5 June 2006), both countries have obtained new ISO codes to replace the currently used joint country code (SCG).
The new 3-letter codes are SRB (Serbia) and MNE (Montenegro).
At this moment, the ID-numbers of Serbian TIR Carnet holders in the International TIR Database (ITDB) and on TIR Carnets still bear the country-code SCG. It is expected that a migration to the new ISO code, replacing the current ID-number (SCG/089/XX...X) by a new ID-number (SRB/089/XX...X) will start in April 2007.
During the transition period (until the end of 2007) or as long as valid TIR Carnets still bearing the old ID-number are used by Serbian TIR Carnet holders, Customs authorities are kindly requested to disregard any divergence between the ID-number on the TIR Carnet and the country code in other data sources and regard both ISO-3 country codes (SCG and SRB) as valid codes for TIR Carnets presented by Serbian TIR Carnet holders.