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Modified procedures in the Russian Federation

26 May 2003
Since 1996, the Russian Customs authorities have been issuing an additional certificate confirming the termination of a TIR operation to transport operators at the last Customs office of destination or of exit (en route), the so-called Certificate of Delivery of Goods under Customs Control. To impede falsification, the Certificate contains special security features. During the return trip of the vehicle, the Customs authorities at the border verify the Certificate with the objective to detect a possible irregularity.
The State Customs Committee of Russia has recently introduced a new version of the Certificate, which is now issued in three copies (Order No.749 of 15 July 2002, came into force in March 2003). Copy 3 is kept by the issuing Customs office. Copies 1 and 2 are handed over to the transport operator (driver). During the return trip, when leaving the country, the transport operator has to present copies 1 and 2 to the Customs authorities at the border which keep copy 2. The certified copy 1 is returned to the transport operator and may be used in case of further inquiries.
For further information on the issue please contact the TIR secretariat ([email protected]).