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European Ministers of Transport, Health and Environment gather in Paris to agree common actions for healthy and sustainable mobility (14-16 April)

European Ministers of Transport, Health and Environment gather in Paris to agree common actions for healthy and sustainable mobility (14-16 April)

The Fourth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment (4HLM) will be held in Paris from 14-16 April, hosted by the Government of France, under the auspices of the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP). Run jointly by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in Geneva and the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) in Copenhagen, THE PEP is a unique policy platform which seeks to encourage transport policymakers and urban planners to consider the health and environmental impacts of transport and address these through shared policy approaches.
The slogan developed for the Meeting “City in Motion: People First!” underlines the importance of placing citizens at the centre of decisions on transport and mobility:  emphasis is on people-centred policies making safe, healthy and green transport choices accessible and affordable to all. Taking stock of the benefits of physical activity for health and well-being, the Meeting calls on national governments, municipal authorities and city planners to develop safe and healthy infrastructure for walking and cycling as viable means of urban mobility.
Adoption of the Paris Declaration expected
The 4HLM is expected to adopt the Paris Declaration which carries forth the four priority goals from the 2009 Amsterdam Declaration, including:
  • To contribute to sustainable economic development and stimulate job creation through investment in environment and health-friendly transport
  • To manage sustainable mobility and promote a more efficient transport system
  • To reduce emissions of transport-related greenhouse gases, air pollutants and noise and
  • To promote policies and actions conducive to healthy and safe modes of transport

It will add a new fifth goal:
  • To integrate transport, health and environmental objectives into urban and spatial planning policies.

At the Meeting, four new publications will be launched addressing transport, health and environment issues in Europe.
Highlights of the 3-days
The first day, Monday 14 April (General Segment) will be in conjunction with the Transport Research Arena (TRA). It will feature a Strategic Seminar with the International Transport Forum (ITF) and THE PEP linking science, research and policy entitled "The Dynamic Nexus of Transport, Health and Environment".
The second day, Tuesday 15 April (Ministerial High Level Segment) will be held will feature two High level Roundtables, the launch of four new publications and the adoption of the "Paris Declaration: City in Motion: People First!"
The third day, Wednesday 16 April (Bureau Segment) will feature a meeting of THE PEP Extended Bureau to carve out THE PEP Workplan 2014-2020 and an invited session of THE PEP to the TRA.
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