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UNECE assesses the environmental performance of Bosnia and Herzegovina

UNECE assesses the environmental performance of Bosnia and Herzegovina

UNECE and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MOFTER) launched the 2nd Environmental Performance Review (EPR) of Bosnia and Herzegovina today in front of an audience of key Governmental institutions, the NGO sector, and international institutions.

The Assistant Minister, Mr Reuf Hadzibegic, Mrs Azra Rogovic-Grubic Senior Advisor MOFTER, Mrs. Nermina Skejovic-Huric, Senior Advisor MOFTER, Mr Antoine Nunes, UNECE EPR Programme Leader, and Mr. George Geogiadis, UNECE EPR Project Coordinator, held presentations on the different aspects of the 2nd EPR Report for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Report issued a set of 38 specific recommendations that relate to actions Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to implement in order to improve its state of environment and to create the necessary preconditions for a more effective integration of the goals of sustainable development into its sectoral policies. The recommendations of the second EPR will be integrated into the country’s environmental protection policy, thus contributing significantly to the improvement of environmental management and the further integration of environmental and economic concerns.

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Note to editors
In 1993, at the Second “Environment for Europe” Ministerial Conference, ministers requested UNECE to undertake EPRs in countries with economies in transition that were not OECD members. By 2004, when the first EPR of Bosnia and Herzegovina was conducted, the first cycle of Reviews had been completed. UNECE is now concluding its second cycle of Reviews. This second round, while taking stock of the progress made since the first Review, puts particular emphasis on implementation, integration, financing and the socio-economic interface with the environment.

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