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UNECE helps Kyrgyzstan to improve knowledge on air pollutant emissions

UNECE helps Kyrgyzstan to improve knowledge on air pollutant emissions

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Sound emission inventories are the first step for designing effective clean air policies as they provide information about the main sources and the most acute air pollution problems in a country. 

Under the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (Air Convention), UNECE has therefore been assisting countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia to develop better emission inventories with a view to facilitating their ratification and/or implementation of the Air Convention and its key protocols. Most recently, UNECE has developed an e-learning course on how to report emissions under the Convention, with the aim to explain the importance of emission inventories for clean air policy development, the requirements for emission inventory reporting and methods for emission estimation.  

The course was presented to Kyrgyz experts through a webinar that preceded the hands-on emission inventory workshop this week (3-5 October 2023). The workshop to assist Kyrgyzstan with improving its emission inventory covered requirements and guidelines for reporting emissions under the Convention, as well as instructions on using templates. Experts analyzed the emissions data previously prepared for the 2021 reporting period. Recommendations were also provided on methodologies and data collection approaches. The project was funded by the European Union. 

For more information on capacity-building under the UNECE Air Convention, please visit: 

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