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Download Documents for Development of UNRMS for expansion of investment potential of Central Asian and BRICS countries

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Roundtable GKZ_UNECE_Igor Shpurov_ENG_0.pdf Roundtable GKZ_UNECE_Igor Shpurov_ENG_0.pdf (application/pdf, 4.24 MB) English Mr. Igor Shpurov
Igor Shpurove презентация И.В. Шпурова на ТНФ-2021_ООН_16.09_0.pdf Igor Shpurove презентация И.В. Шпурова на ТНФ-2021_ООН_16.09_0.pdf (application/pdf, 2.64 MB) Russian Mr. Igor Shpurov
Dave MacDonald Tyumen 2021 +.pdf Dave MacDonald Tyumen 2021 +.pdf (application/pdf, 470.41 KB) English Mr. David MacDonald
Harikrishnan TULSIDAS-UNRMS-Tuymen 2021.pdf Harikrishnan TULSIDAS-UNRMS-Tuymen 2021.pdf (application/pdf, 616.42 KB) English Mr. Harikrishnan Tulsidas
ТНФ eng.pdf ТНФ eng.pdf (application/pdf, 1.05 MB) English Ms. Anna Isaeva
ТНФ рус.pdf ТНФ рус.pdf (application/pdf, 1.21 MB) Russian Ms. Anna Isaeva
Презентация_ЕЛ_210912 (en).pdf Презентация_ЕЛ_210912 (en).pdf (application/pdf, 968.83 KB) English Ms. Ekaterina Lovchuk
Презентация_ЕЛ_210912 (ru).pdf Презентация_ЕЛ_210912 (ru).pdf (application/pdf, 1.05 MB) Russian Ms. Ekaterina Lovchuk
MrJianhuaJu.pdf MrJianhuaJu.pdf (application/pdf, 2.81 MB) English Mr. Jianhua Ju
ТНФ_Нацаудит_ENG_20210910.pdf ТНФ_Нацаудит_ENG_20210910.pdf (application/pdf, 801.85 KB) English Mr. Sergey Klubkov
ТНФ_Нацаудит_RUS_20210910.pdf ТНФ_Нацаудит_RUS_20210910.pdf (application/pdf, 867.73 KB) Russian Mr. Sergey Klubkov
UNFC_OVL_2021.pdf UNFC_OVL_2021.pdf (application/pdf, 2 MB) English Mr. Akshay Audhkhasi
AMREC Presentation 2021.pdf AMREC Presentation 2021.pdf (application/pdf, 1.58 MB) English Mr. Tunde Arisekola
Rogalsky_Tuymen__UNFC_KG_20210916.pdf Rogalsky_Tuymen__UNFC_KG_20210916.pdf (application/pdf, 1.78 MB) English Mr. Arkady Rogalsky
Presentation Freiman TOG-2021 Eng.pdf Presentation Freiman TOG-2021 Eng.pdf (application/pdf, 999.92 KB) English Mr. Georgy Freiman
Презентация Фрейман ТНФ-2021 рус.pdf Презентация Фрейман ТНФ-2021 рус.pdf (application/pdf, 1.02 MB) Russian Mr. Georgy Freiman
Rahmonbek Bakhtdavlatov_Tyumen Oil & G.pdf Rahmonbek Bakhtdavlatov_Tyumen Oil & G.pdf (application/pdf, 4.4 MB) English Mr. Rahmonbek Bakhtdavlatov
Геология Таджикистана – переход на м.pdf Геология Таджикистана – переход на м.pdf (application/pdf, 3.56 MB) Russian Mr. Rahmonbek Bakhtdavlatov
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