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Links to National Customs Authorites

Albanian Directorate General of Customs Lebanese Customs
State Customs Committee of Armenia Customs Department of the Republic of Lithuania
State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Administration des Douanes et Accises – Luxembourg
State Custom Committee of the Republic of Belarus Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia
Indirect Taxation Authority of Bosnia and Herzegovina Customs Department of Malta
National Customs Agency of Bulgaria Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova
Canada Border Services Agency Montenegro
Customs Directorate Republic of Croatia Administration des Douanes et Impôts Indirects du Maroc
Customs & Excise of Cyprus Customs Administration of the Netherlands
General Customs Directorate of the Czech Republic Norwegian Customs
Danish Customs Ministry of Finance of Poland
Estonian Customs Portuguese Customs
Finland National Customs Authority of Romania
La Direction gnral des douanes et droits indirects (France) State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Finance of Georgia Republic of Serbia
Germany Slovak Customs Administration
Hungary Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
Directorate of Customs (Iceland) Swedish Customs
Customs Administration (IRICA) of the Islamic Republic of Iran Administration fédérale des douanes (Switzerland)
Ireland Syrian Customs
Israel Government Portal République Tunisienne - Direction Générale des Douanes
Italian Customs and Excice Department Turkish Customs
Customs Department of Jordan State Customs Service of Ukraine
Kazakh Customs HM Revenue & Customs (United Kingdom)
Kuwait Customs U.S. Customs and Border Protection
State Customs Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan