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Knowledge-based Development News

The UNECE Committee on Economic Cooperation and Integration (CECI) promotes the knowledge-based economy and innovation. This page provides a platform for disseminating its results and dialogue on knowledge-based development within the stakeholder community. 
Knowledge-based Development Newsletter
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Issue number 7 December 2017 PDF  
Issue number 6 August 2016 PDF  
Issue number 5 November 2015 PDF  
Issue number 4 January 2014 PDF HTML
Issue number 3 August 2013 PDF HTML
Issue number 2 March 2013 PDF HTML
Issue number 1 November 2012 PDF HTML
Knowledge-based Development Policy Dispatches
Issue Download
Issue number 1
Policy options to foster the financing and development of clean technologies
Issue number 2
Intellectual Property and Open Innovation

Issue number 3
National Innovation Systems