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International Transport Forum (ITF) 2019 Summit

The Special Envoy participated in the International Transport Forum (ITF) 2019 Summit which was organized in Leipzig, Germany. This year’s Summit brought together more than 1,000 delegates and distinguished speakers from over 70 countries around extensive deliberations on Transport Connectivity for Regional Integration. Discussions of the Summit integrated the environmental aspect of mobility as well as connectivity in remote areas to which the Ministerial Declaration was signed during the event. 


On 22 May 2019, the Special Envoy held the following bilateral meetings on the margins of the Summit: 
Ms. Angela Maria Orozco, Minister of Transport of Colombia
The Special Envoy provided an overview of his mandate and key priorities to the newly-appointed Minister of Transport of Colombia. While appreciating Colombia’s commitment to road traffic fatality reduction, demonstrated in the National Road Safety Strategy, the Special Envoy encouraged stronger efforts towards achieving Colombia’s national targets. He further encouraged accession to core United Nations road safety conventions and recommended Colombia’s participation in the bi-annual sessions of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, WP.29. 
In conclusion, the Special Envoy shared about his plans to visit Colombia in August 2019 and requested Minister’s support with securing audiences with high-level government officials. 
Mr. Tomas Eneroth, Minister of Infrastructure of Sweden
The Special Envoy and the Minister exchanged updates since their last meeting in May 2018, including progress on the preparations for the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, which will be hosted by Swedish government in February 2020. The Special Envoy encouraged Minister’s priority to secure high-level participation from governments and stakeholders in order to secure stronger commitment and investments to advancing road safety. Furthermore, the Special Envoy offered to host a Ministerial lunch during the conference, which was welcomed by the Minister.   
The Special Envoy expressed his high appreciation for Sweden’s exemplary road safety performance and for championing Vision Zero, reflected in the EU regional target to eliminate road deaths and serious injuries by 2050. 
Mr. Hichem Ben Ahmed, Minister of Transport of Tunisia
The Special Envoy presented his mandate and priorities to the Minister and shared about global road safety initiatives, including the establishment of the UNRSTF. He further expressed his concern with high fatality figures on Tunisian roads, emphasizing discrepancy in the WHO-estimated and country reported figures. 
The Special Envoy provided an overview of key risk factors and encouraged the Minister to consider developing and implementing a comprehensive national road safety system, based on the international regulatory framework. Considering that Tunisia is a contracting party to five out of seven core United Nations road safety conventions, the Special Envoy encouraged accession and successful implementation of all seven legal instruments.