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International Traffic Safety Conference

[Doha, Qatar] On 26 November, the Special Envoy participated in the International Traffic Safety Conference, hosted by the Government of Qatar, where he spoke at its opening session alongside Qatar’s Prime Minister and other senior officials. In his remarks titled “Road Safety for All”, the Special Envoy emphasized the importance and relevance of a safe system approach, which addresses the safety of all road users, while calling for stronger commitment from all stakeholders to contribute to safe systems. He further highlighted the need for increased investments and concerted action towards advancing global road safety agenda, including progress towards SDG targets 3.6 and 11.2. In conclusion, the Special Envoy highlighted the recently established UN Road Safety Trust Fund, aimed at supporting Member States’ efforts to improve road safety, and encouraged Qatar to consider support.  


In Doha, the Special Envoy met with the following leadership in government and discussed road safety efforts in the country:
H.E. Mr. Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior
The Special Envoy provided an overview of his role within four priorities of his mandate. He further gave an overview of UN road safety conventions and encouraged Qatar’s accession to all six, as currently Qatar is a contracting party to only one. The Prime Minister shared about Qatar’s efforts and initiatives to improve road safety, including implementation of the Second Action Plan with its key target to half road traffic fatalities and injuries in Qatar by 2022. The officials expressed the country’s willingness to share its experience with developing countries to replicate its good practices and to help improve road safety performance in other countries. 
The Special Envoy also shared about the UNRSTF and encouraged Qatar’s support as an opportunity to showcase global commitment to the cause. 
H.E. Mr. Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications
On 26 November, the Special Envoy met with Qatar’s Minister of Transport and Communications and applauded Qatar’s progress towards reducing road traffic fatalities, demonstrated by a 25% decrease compared to the 2010 numbers. Qatar’s national target is to reduce road traffic fatalities by another 25% by 2022, and to reduce the share of pedestrian fatalities from 32% to 17% within the same timeframe. The Special Envoy encouraged the Minister to consider accession to UN road safety conventions, which provide a solid basis for road safety regulatory framework. 
The Special Envoy emphasized the economic cost of road crashes to countries, and shared about the recently established UNRSTF, which will contribute to reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries and subsequently, reduce the economic and social impact on societies.  
H.E. Mr. Salah bin Ghanem al-Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports
On 26 November, during his meeting with the Minister, the Special Envoy gave an overview of his mandate and priorities. Together with the Minister, they discussed opportunities to further improve road safety in Qatar, including through awareness raising campaigns and road users’ education, which is in line with the activities of the Ministry. The Special Envoy shared about the recently established UNRSTF and pledged contributions to date, encouraging Qatar’s support.