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Regional Training Workshop on Sustainable Walnut Quality

Regional Training Workshop on Sustainable Walnut Quality

07 September (13:00) - 08 September (17:00) 2021
Virtual meeting Geneva Switzerland
Regional training on sustainable walnut quality

The workshop is supported by the project of the Austrian organization Hilfswerk International, the GIZ Project “Biodiversity Conservation and Poverty Reduction through Community-based Management of Walnut Forests and Pastures”, the GIZ Regional Trade Facilitation Program in Central Asia (TFCA) and the UNDP Regional Project “: Aid for Trade in Central Asia” (funded by the Finnish government) and UNECE. The latter has been supporting the development, revision and use of standards in the international food trade in the Central Asian region for many years. The national standardization bodies of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, as well as industry associations of processors, manufacturers and exporters of walnuts are promoting it.

The workshop aims to:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of authorities, agencies, private sector (walnut producers, traders, and exporters) in using product classification methods, quality control and inspection in accordance with the requirements of UNECE standards.
  2. Outline common practice to improve the production, marketing and sales of walnut kernels.

The regional practical training is organized with the assistance of the Center for Standardization and Metrology the Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Uzbekistan, Republic of Tajikistan and with the support of international organizations: Hilfswerk International; UNDP (Regional Project “Aid for Trade in Central Asia”) and UNECE.


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For further information, please contact the UNECE secretariat