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The new opportunities for Artificial Intelligence as a contributor supporting sustainability and circular economy in the current world

The new opportunities for Artificial Intelligence as a contributor supporting sustainability and circular economy in the current world

15 July 2021 13:00 - 17:00
on-line Geneva Switzerland
Artificial Intelligence supporting UN SDGs and Circular Economy

This virtual webinar on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in supporting sustainability and promoting the transition to a more circular global economy provides a platform for experts and interested parties to showcase and discuss how AI, machine learning, and related technologies can improve data exchange transactions in international trade, enhance business processes, and create new business opportunities while trying to build more sustainable and circular economies in the current and the future World.

The webinar is organized by the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies in trade and logistics of the UN/CEFACT - an intergovernmental body of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

This webinar is organized by the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies in Trade and Logistics. The United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) established an Advisory Group in order to support the UNECE secretariat and UN/CEFACT on advanced technologies in trade facilitation and electronic business. The technologies in question include Blockchain, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence – the most recent areas of rapid development in the international supply chain.

Background, Objectives and target audience


Artificial intelligence is already present in a variety of applications all around us in our current World. The year 2020 and COVID19 pandemics accelerated further the digital transformation, and according to Delloite’s report conducted among IT and business executive, 73% considers their organization skilled or even seasoned in AI adoption, and expect that AI will transform their organization or even industries in the next 1 to 3 years.

Still, the full potential of the current state of the art of artificial intelligence is still waiting to be broadly adopted and utilized, and we need to study and discuss how to harness it for sustainable world development.

Building appropriate skills while sharing knowledge on new technical developments, breakthroughs, and data while keeping access to technology and knowledge open so each region of the World can join, benefit from applying new technologies, and be part of the global 4th industrial revolution and future sustainable and circular business models.

Objectives and target audience

The goal of the webinar is to showcase the current state of Artificial intelligence and to create a discussion platform for experts and interested parties to share their insights on AI applications in electronic data exchanges, business process optimization and automation, and possible new use cases and industry changes we can see due to increased adoption and new developments in AI and related fields in the near coming future.

During this webinar, the Advisory Group will invite speakers representing stakeholders in different position of eBusiness and international trade and, ranging from private sector representatives, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, policymakers, to discuss their implementations of Artificial intelligence, ongoing projects, existing use cases, newly risen opportunities together with challenges and obstacles they face implementing such technologies and transferable lessons learned.

The main question to answer and discuss will be:

  • How can AI applications lower barriers to entering global markets, making international trade more accessible?
  • What are the opportunities and business processes, and scenarios where AI can bring new optimization supporting sustainability?
  • How can AI contribute to trade and logistic areas of circular economy?
  • To which United Nations Sustainable Development Goals AI can contribute and how?

 UNECE welcomes the following groups to participate in this virtual conference:

  • UN/CEFACT Bureau members, Domain coordinators and Experts
  • Government officials and policy makers with interest in AI
  • IT developers and Business practitioners looking for AI related knowledge
  • Academia and researches interested in technologies supporting business and international trade.

Registration and Background documents

Registration is open now, Participants are requested to register on-line.

Connection link will be provided to join the webinar by 15 July 2021 (Geneva time)

Background Documents

  • Artificial Intelligence Demystified - Background, principles and the main applications of Artificial Intelligence and related concepts (ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2021/19)