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Meeting of the Regional Collaborative Platform (RCP)

Meeting of the Regional Collaborative Platform (RCP)

Second meeting, virtual

12 March 2021

The annual RCP meeting chaired by the Deputy Secretary-General discussed a number of strategic issues related to UN collaboration and joint action in Europe and Central Asia:

  • Status of SDG progress and the impact of the pandemic on sustainable development in the region
  • Transitioning from the socioeconomic response to longer-term recovery efforts under the SDGs
  • Strategic priorities of the Regional Forum on Sustainable Development and regional contributions to global processes, such as the Food Systems Summit and COP 26
  • Collective UN system-wide results achieved at the regional level in 2020
  • RCP strategic priorities for 2021 in Europe and Central Asia, including the review and repositioning of the regional Issue-based Coalitions in response to the reform of the UN Development System