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01 - 04 July 1996
Gmunden Austria

Chairman's Summary

A.    The Team reviewed its accomplishments to date:

  • Publication of a public relations (PR) toolkit titled, "Communications strategies in forestry and the forest industries sector."  At the meeting members reported on its usefulness and that it had been translated and reprinted for use in many countries;
  • Establishment of a network of PR specialists and communicators in the forest and forest industries (FFI) sector in the ECE region;
  • Provided PR on some ECE Timber Committee (TC) and FAO European Forestry Commission (EFC) outputs, for example the Joint FAO/ECE/ILO Committee's seminar titled "Exploring multiple use and ecosystem management: from policy to operational practices" held in Prince George, British Colombia, Canada;

B.    The Team noted that PR needs are changing and increasing and thus proposed the following tasks for consideration by the TC and EFC for its mandate:

  • Conduct a workshop for countries in transition (CITs) in November in Austria for current members from Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Ukraine, plus as many other CITs as possible;
  • Provide PR follow-up on the "European timber trends study" (ETTS V);
  • Publish country fact sheets;
  • Extend the Team's network to include Mediterranean countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal and achieve active participation of current represented members from the Mediterranean countries of Greece and Turkey (consider forest fire PR at the next meeting);
  • Increase PR activities concerning certification of sustainable forest management where appropriate;
  • Produce a poster for the 1996 FAO World Food Summit titled "Sustainable forest management is an essential requirement to achieve global food security";
  • Provide PR follow-up to the recommendations from TC workshop titled "Wood--an environmentally friendly material";
  • Provide PR follow-up to the report from the Joint TC/EFC Team of Specialists on Certification of Forest products;
  • Increase the use of Internet to communicate PR on the TC and EFC activities and outputs;
  • Report on the campaigns of substitute materials like concrete, steel and plastic;
  • Provide PR follow-up to the recommendations from the TC workshop titled "Policy issues in timber markets and recycling and energy generation from wood";
  • Prepare and conduct an International forestry communicators forum in 1998, to improve the knowledge base in international PR in the FFI sector, and to coordinate a common image and message and to build the network of PR specialists in the sector.

Report of the Meeting


1.    The meeting of the Joint FAO/ECE Team of Public Relations Specialists in the Forest and Forest Industries Sector was held in Gmunden, Austria on 1-4 July 1996.

2.    The following countries were represented:  Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States.  The European Forest Institute and the ECE/FAO were also represented.  A list of participants is attached as Annex I.

Adoption of the agenda (Item 1 of the agenda)

3.    The provisional agenda as presented by the team leader, Mr. Ingwald Gschwandtl (Austria),  was adopted.

Arrangements for meeting chair and rapporteur (Item 2 of the agenda)

4.    Mr. Gschwandtl chaired the meeting and Mr. Ed Pepke (FAO/ECE) was rapporteur.

Interesting PR campaigns run by forestry and forest industries sectors (Item 3 of the agenda)

5.    Dr. Christoph Capek (Austria) presented the on-going ProHolz "Feel Wood" campaign which has successfully grouped 10 different forest and forest industry associations into a common voice.  Based upon results of three successive public opinion poles, the public consciousness of forest and wood industry messages has increased significantly.

6.    Mr. Juhani Karvonen (Finland) announced a new seminar series titled "Forest academy for decision makers."  Following an invitation by the Prime Minister of Finland to members of parliament and government administrators, the first seminar will be held in autumn 1996 and consist of a 2-day seminar followed by a 2-day field trip.  Subsequent seminars will be held for industry executives, representatives of public interest groups, science, arts, media and other influential opinion leaders.

7.    Mrs. Berit Sanness (Norway) explained the Living Forest programme which groups forest owners associations, trade unions, forest industry, government, NGOs, recreational and conservation organizations to draw up acceptable criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management (SFM) and to develop tools for documenting and monitoring environmental conditions of the forests.

8.    Ms. Maria Hugosson (Sweden) described the Nordic Opinion Survey performed in Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom which compared the public perception of communications in the FFI sector.  While people had a positive opinion of forest management, and liked wood and paper, they still do not like cutting trees.

9.    Mr. Lars-Erik Holmberg (Sweden) explained A Richer Landscape campaign which succeeds the Richer Forest campaign.  It will go beyond forest owners and industry and include the general public in Sweden and abroad.

10.    Mr. Luke Popovich (United States) presented the Sustainable Forest Initiative and the media roll out for its first annual progress report.  The report's release was carefully timed to the build-up of public and media attention to the annual Earth Day.

11.    Mr. Wlodzimierz Adamczyk (Poland) described two campaigns during the insecticide spraying of forests for the nun moth.  The campaigns, funded by the European Communities' PHARE programme, included television, press and brochures and were successful as documented in a public opinion survey.

PR campaigns run by timber substitute industries (Item 4 of the agenda)

12.    Ms. Sanness and Mr. Gschwandtl led the discussion by presenting examples of activities and PR campaigns by timber substitute industries like concrete, aluminum, steel and plastic.  Consumer opinions are influenced by advertising which either directly attacks timber or which tries to dissuade its use through, for example, promoting chemicals and plastics with attractive background photos of tropical rain forests in their advertisements.  Life cycle analyses (LCA) and life cycle cost analyses (LCCA) were deemed important in promoting wood over competing materials.  Ms. Sanness will lead a sub-group, consisting of at least representatives from Austria, Finland, the Netherlands and Norway to study the situation and report on national examples and trends by 15 December 1996.

Internet as a means of communication  (Item 5 of the agenda)

13.    Mr. Yves St-Onge (Canada) updated the Team on Internet by showing the Canadian Forest Service home page on the World Wide Web.  Internet which now has 30 million users worldwide (of which 1/3 women) in 170 countries, links approximately 10 million hosts (main computers) which has been doubling annually.  He explained the modalities for and issues encountered in establishing a home page and stressed that it has had a positive cost/benefit ratio for the Service.

14.    Mr. Tim Peck (European Forest Institute (EFI) presented EFI's Internet and Web experience.  Establishing a home page and linking their member institutions has had beneficial PR for the Institute of 25,000 electronic visits per year.

15.    Mr. Lauri Valsta (Finland) described additional facets of the Internet including search engines/programmes and their use, directories, databases, etc.  He showed the Finnish Forest Research Institute's and Finland's home pages and described the upcoming Nordic forestry home page.  He discussed a paper on the "IUFRO networking development plan".

16.    Ms. Marieke C. van Nieuwkuyk (the Netherlands) explained the issues that SBH considered in creating their home page: which target groups use Internet; whether the information has value; how are sites maintained and updated; how to choose key words for search engines; how corporate images are modified for Internet; whether the home page should have pictures, moving pictures and/or sound?

17.    Mr. Pepke announced FAO's creation of an Internet PR mailing list which resulted from the 1995 Québec meetings recommendation to link the Team by Internet.  (To subscribe send a message to: )

18.    The discussion brought out additional considerations and the Team concluded that Internet was one way to be proactive in PR in the FFI sector.  Some forest products companies and associations use "intranet," ie internal electronic mail to effect savings of duplication and distribution time and efficiencies of internal communications.

19.    The remaining Team members who do not have Internet e-mail access were strongly encouraged to become linked for professional reasons and for Team communications.

PR-relevant activities and outputs of the Timber Committee and European Forestry Commission (Item 6 of the agenda)

20.    Mr. Pepke explained that the ECE had started to increase publicity and the Team noted an improvement in the last ECE press release.  However the Team advocated that the ECE go further and consider a more comprehensive corporate image building effort.  The Team criticized ECE's press releases for arriving up to 10 weeks late and advocated a dual system of mail and Internet during this period where people are becoming linked electronically.

21.    The forthcoming European Timber Trends Study, ETTS V, was deemed to have news worthy messages.  But in examining the pre-publication executive summary, sufficient questions arose that Mr. Gschwandtl requested team members to carefully examine it and send comments to the secretariat.

22.    The Team will conduct a PR workshop for CITs on 11-15 November 1996 in Ossiach, Austria.  One person will be invited from each CIT and Austria will sponsor their expenses, along with those of the instructors.  Mr. Adamczyk said that each country's needs were different and advocated canvasing the countries before the meeting to ascertain their needs.  He suggested participants from the Polish Ministry of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry.  The workshop should be a two-way opportunity and countries should be requested to present written reports.  Mr. Frazer Lindsay, former Team leader, might direct the workshop with additional support from the Team members.

23.    Mr. Pepke presented models for the country fact sheets and the Team offered many suggestions for their improvement.  The secretariat was directed to produce a full draft and circulate it to all team members so that they could have an opportunity to make comments and confirm the statistics and the contact person for their country.  The Team requested that the fact sheets be made available on the ECE/FAO Timber Section home page.

24.    The Team reviewed the list of conclusions and recommendations from "Wood--an environmentally friendly material" a Timber Committee workshop held in Jönköping, Sweden in April 1996 which thus far has only led to an ECE press release.  Noting that many of the recommendations fall within its mandate, the Team is prepared to "pro-actively promote wood through coordinated international efforts" should the Timber Committee accept the workshop's recommendations and request the Team's assistance.

25.    Mr. Peck requested responses to the EFI/EFICS questionnaire which was mailed to team members before the meeting so that national statistics in the FFI sector could be made comparable and be of greater value and use for PR.

Team operations (Item 7 of the agenda)

26.    Mandate.  A lengthy discussion unanimously concluded that the Team's mandate should be extended for 2 years and a proposed new mandate appears in Annex II.  The Team concluded that without the auspices of the TC and the EFC, members would not be able to attend and host meetings of the Team and its working groups.

27.    Work programme 1996/1997.  The following items were mentioned for the TC and EFC consideration:

  • PR Workshop for CITs;
  • FAO World Food Summit poster showing the relationship to the FFI sector;
  • World Forestry Congress poster;
  • Study of PR campaigns of substitute materials;
  • Publication of country fact sheets;
  • Follow-up on recommendations from TC workshops on "Wood--an environmentally friendly material" and "Policy issues in timber markets and recycling and energy generation from wood."

28.    Arrangements for the meeting report.  The rapporteur will draft the report and the leader will finalize before distribution.  The report will be a meeting document and will be presented at the Joint TC/EFC Session.

29.    Election of officers for 1996/1997.  Mr. Gschwandtl was re-elected leader and Ms. Sanness was elected deputy leader.

30.    Date and place of next meeting.  Norway invited the Team to meet in 1997, subject to extension of the mandate.

Communications needs for timber certification (Item 8 of the agenda)

31.    Mr. Albert Knieling (Austria), who is a member to the Joint ECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Certification of Forest Products, presented a paper on the task of the Certification Team and then offered challenges for the PR Team.  The first conclusion is that certification is only one tool to promote SFM.  Furthermore their work concluded that certification will be unevenly adopted and may change trading patterns and that cooperation and harmonization between countries could be helpful.  They found that small private forest owners could be disadvantaged, especially if certification schemes discriminate against certain forests, e.g. plantations.  Wood could suffer a cost disadvantage compared to substitute materials.  A significant problem in designing certification schemes is the chain-of-custody (tracing the fibres origin) especially in panels and pulp and paper.

32.    Mr. Knieling recommended: that PR show the entire certification process in a reliable and transparent way; that forest products are promoted to build the public and consumer confidence; that all interest groups cooperate in designing and implementing certification schemes; and that all communication tools be used to promote certified forest products.

33.    Ms. Paule Têtu (Canada) presented the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) process and the Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition of 23 industry associations which led to the Montreal Process for creation of criteria and indicators of SFM for non-European countries.  The PR responsibilities were important before and during the process and now are important for employees within the FFI sector, customers and consumers.

34.    Ms. Hugosson presented the Nordic Forest Certification project which aims at a concerted system.  In conjunction with the project is a coordinated PR campaign.

35.    The Team concluded that regardless how certification systems are developed and implemented, certification provides an important information tool linking consumers and producers.  The team stands ready to further to publicize the messages from Certification Team's report if so requested by the parent bodies.

Other business (Item 9 of the agenda)

36.    Mr. Michael Maiorov (Belarus) requested technical assistance and distributed a questionnaire regarding a variety of problems they have experienced in the FFI sector.

37.    Mr. Pepke invited the team to the Timber Committee workshop on "Policy issues in timber markets and recycling and energy generation from wood" which will be held 3-5 September 1996 in Hamburg, Germany.  The workshop's recommendations which will be presented at the Joint TC/EFC Session may offer additional PR opportunities.

38.    The business meeting was proceeded by a stop at Eckartsau enroute to Gmunden, where the Director General of the Austrian Federal Forest (ÖBF) Mr. Richard Ramsauer, welcomed the team and explained the PR problems faced by the ÖBF.  The Team visited the Eckartsau forest, which will become a national park, and the guides explained their PR activities.  The meeting also included a field trip to see how PR is performed in mountain forests where avalanche protection is necessary for the forests' steep slopes.  Dr. Peter Kar, Chamber of Agriculture of the Province of Upper Austria, and Mr. Wolfgang Gasperl Redl,  Torrents & Avalanche Control Service, conducted a tour which explained the avalanche controls and the PR process.  The Team also visited the private forest of Mr. F. Mayr, forest owner/manager and dairy farmer, who was the recipient of the 1996 National Award for Agriculture and Forestry.  The 2-year old award is for enterprises with exemplary forestry practices, which is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and which has had PR benefits for the Austrian FFI sector.

39.    The meeting participants expressed their sincere appreciation for the excellent meeting arrangements, the field trip and the generous hospitality of their hosts from the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the sponsorship of ProHolz and the Austrian Federal Forest.

40.    The ECE/FAO secretariat thanked the members for their participation and their organizations for sponsoring their activities and making it possible for them to attend the meeting.  He expressed appreciation to the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for making his participation at the meeting possible.

Annex 1



Mr. Christoph CAPEK
PROHOLZ-Holzinformation Österreich
Uraniastraße 4
Postfach 156
A - 1011 VIENNA
Tel +43 1 7120474 31
Fax +43 1 7131018

Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
Forestry Department
Ferdinandstraße 4
A - 1020 VIENNA
Tel +43 1 21323 7307
Fax +43 1 21323 7216

Mr. Johannes HANGLER
Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
Forestry Department
Ferdinandstraße 4
A - 1020 VIENNA
Tel +43 1 21323 7305
Fax +43 1 21323 7216

Mr. Peter KAR
Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture
Division for Forestry and Timber
Auf der Gugl 3
A-4021 LINZ
Tel +43 732 6902 434
Fax +43 732 6902 48

Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
Forestry Department
Ferdinandstraße 4
A - 1020 VIENNA
Tel +43 1 21323 7304
Fax +43 1 21323 7216

Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
Forestry Department
Ferdinandstraße 4
A - 1020 VIENNA
Tel +43 1 21323 7608
Fax +43 1 21323 7216

Ms. Elfriede MOSER
Main Association of Private Land & Forest Owners of Austria
Schauflergasse 6/5
A - 1010 VIENNA
Tel +43 1 5330227
Fax +43 1 5332104


Mr. Michael MAIOROV
Head of Information & Public Relations
Institute "Belgiproles"
Ministry of Forestry
V.Khoruzhei Street 41
220002 MINSK (Belarus)
Tel +7 0172 34 55 26
Fax +7 0172 34 54 31


Educational Forestry Centre
Duboislaan 2
Tel +32 2 657 9364
Fax +32 2 657 5754


Mr. Jean DUMAS
Conseiller en communication
Ministère des Ressources naturelles
Direction des relations publiques
5700, 4e Avenue Ouest Bureau 302
Tel +1 (418) 643-9631
Fax +1 (418) 643-0720

Mr. Yves ST-ONGE
Senior Advisor, Communications Division
Canadian Forest Service
580 Booth Street, 8th floor
CDN - OTTAWA, Ontario K1A OE4
Tel +1 613 947 7345
Fax +1 613 947 7397

Ms. Paule TÊTU
Directrice - Affaires Publiques
Association des Industries forestières du Québec
1200, avenue Germain-des-Prés, bureau 102
CDN - SAINTE-FOY (Québec) G1V 3M7
Tel +1 418 651 9352
Fax +1 418 651 4622


Executive Director
Finnish Forest Association
Salomonkatu 17 B
Tel +358 0 694 0040
Fax +358 0 693 3466

Mr. Lauri VALSTA
Research Scientist
Finnish Forest Research Institute
Unioninkatu 40 A
Tel +3580 8570 5242
Fax +3580 625 308

Mr. Kari VITIE
Information Manager
Finnish Forest Industries Federation
Eteläesplanadi 2
Postbox 316
Tel +358 0132 6650
Fax +358 017 4479


Mr. Jean Louis DUCLUSAUD
Chef Bureau Politique Industrielle "Forêt-Bois"
Ministère de l'Agriculture DERF/SDIB
19 avenue du Maine
F - 75732 PARIS cedex 15
Tel +33 149 55 5135
Fax +33 149 55 4076


Ms. Marieke C. van NIEUWKUYK
Stichting Bos en Hout
P.O. Box 253
Tel +31 317 424666
Fax +31 317 410247


Executive Project Manager Living Forests
Stortingstg. 30, Box 1438 Vika
N - 0115 OSLO
Tel +47 22 0105 80
Fax +47 22 8340 47


Mr. Wlodzimierz ADAMCZYK
Forest Research Institute
ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920r. nr 3
PL - 00-973 WARSAW
Tel +48 22 2238 88
Fax +48 22 2249 35


Mr. Lars-Erik HOLMBERG
Public relations manager
National Board of Forestry
Public Relations Department
S - 551 83 JÖNKÖPING
Tel +46 36 155 662 (+46 36 155 600)
Fax +46 36 190 622

Executive Director
Svensk Skog
Box 5518
S - 114 85 STOCKHOLM
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Fax +46 86 61 73 06

International Press Officer
Swedish Forest Industries Association
Storgatan 19, Box 5518
S - 114 85 STOCKHOLM
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Fax +46 86 61 73 06


Executive Director
Forestry Industry Council of Great Britain
Golden Cross House
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Director - Communications
American Forest & Paper Association
1111 19th Street NW, Suite 800
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Mr. Tim J. PECK
European Forest Institute
Chairman of the Board
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Fax +41 22 776 10 69

European Forest Institute
Torikatu 34
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Tel +358 73 252 020
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Forestry Officer - marketing
UN-ECE/FAO Timber Section
UN-ECE Trade Division
Palais des Nations
CH - 1211 GENEVA 10 (Switzerland)
Tel +41 22 917 2872
Fax +41 22 917 0041

Annex 2

Proposed mandate of the team


 NAME: Team of Public Relations Specialists in the Forest and Forest Industries Sector

 ESTABLISHED BY: ECE Timber Committee and FAO European Forestry Commission

 References: Report of the fiftieth session, ECE/TIM/63, paragraph 43

 Date: October 1992


 MANDATE: In support of the overall goal of creating a positive image of the forest sector (including all phases of forest resource management and forest industry), the ECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission renew their decision to create a Team of Public Relations Specialists in the Forest and Forest Industries Sector, with a revised mandate to:

  • promote networking among member states for capacity building and exchange of information in public relations and communication;
  • identify key common concepts and promote their incorporation in forest sector communications and public relations activities in the member countries;
  • identify key needs for improvement of forest sector public relations and communication and communicate them to the ECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission;
  • assist the ECE Timber Committee and the FAO European Forestry Commission to improve public relations and information related to their work;
  • promote the development of national capacity in forest sector public relations and communication, particularly in countries in transition.

 References: TIM/R.239

 Approved by: To be approved at September 1996 Joint Timber Committee and European Forestry Commission Session.

 REPORTING: The team reports annually to the ECE Timber Committee session and to each FAO European Forestry Commission session.

 18 MONTHS: 1. A PR workshop for countries in transition;

  2. A report on PR campaigns for substitute materials;

  3. Assist in PR for Timber Committee and European Forestry Commission outputs like ETTS V, workshop recommendations, Certification Team report, etc;

  4. Expansion of the international network of PR specialists in the ECE region;

  5. Publication of country fact sheets.

 DURATION: Until November 1998.

B.  INFORMATION SHEET     (as of July 1996)

 NAME: Team of Public Relations Specialists in the Forest and Forest Industries Sector

 TEAM LEADER: Mr. Ingwald Gschwandtl (Austria) and
  Deputy Leader, Ms. Berit Sanness (Norway)


 Past: Meetings in Fontainebleau (France), Tällberg (Sweden) and Beaupré, Québec (Canada) and Gmunden (Austria).  Exchange of information and discussion of issues.  Publication of a PR "toolkit".

 Ongoing: Advising PR for the outputs of the Committee and the Commission.  Production of country fact sheets.

 Future: (Subject to TC and EFC approval) Next meeting in Norway in 1997.  PR workshop for CITs.  Provide PR follow-up on ETTS V. Extend the Team's network to include more Mediterranean countries.  Increase PR activities concerning certification of sustainable forest management where appropriate.  Produce a poster for the 1996 FAO World Food Day.  Provide PR follow-up to the recommendations from TC workshops titled "Wood--an environmentally friendly material" and "Policy issues in timber markets and recycling and energy generation from wood."  Provide PR follow-up to the report from the Joint TC/EFC Team of Specialists on Certification of Forest Products.  Increase the use of Internet to communicate PR on the TC and EFC activities and outputs.  Report on the campaigns of substitute materials like concrete, steel and plastic.

 MEMBERSHIP: The following countries are represented on the team:  Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Annex III

 Papers and publications distributed at the meeting

 - "ProHolz" Magazine 1996
 - "Wir Wachsen" by ProHolz
 - "Timber products from Austria" by ProHolz
 - "Osterreichische Bundesforste (Austrian Federal Forest) folder
  - Osterreichische Bundesforste das Unternehmen
  - Jagdschloss Eckartsau poster
  - Natur Par / National park Donau-Auen poster
  - "Auf in die au!" brochure
  - "Eckartsau Ein Schloss lebt" brochure
  - "Auwald-Impression: mit Förster im Boot" article
  - Miscellaneous info on Eckartsau castle
 - "The Forest--the green core of Austria" brochure on statistics by BHLF
 - "Staatspreis für beispielhaft Waldwirtschafts 1995" by Bundesministeriums
 - "Der Wald-das grüne Herz Osterreichts (The Forest--the green core of Austria"  publication by BMLF
 - "Holz Schützen (aussen und innen) by ProHolz
 - Meeting documents folder
  List of participants
  Advertising campaigns of the concrete, chemical and electrical industry
  Excursion guide for protective forest "Bannwald Hallstatt"
  Excursion guide for national award for exceptional forest ecosystem
  Management by farmers (Fritz Mayr, Fornach)

 - "Our questions--Your answers" questionnaire by Belgiproles

 - "Sustainable forestry bulletin", Vol.2, No.3, 17.6.1996
 - "It's your move. Wood, the only choice" brochure by BC Wood Specialties  Group, Bureau de promotion des industires du bois (BPIB), and Council of  Forest Industries (COFI)
 - "Sustainable forest management certification" brochure by Canadian Pulp &  Paper Association
 - "Environmental effects of building materials" publication by Canadian Wood  Council
 - "Wood vs. steel:  Some quick facts" one-page flyer by Canadian Wood Council

 - "Welcome to the Finnish forests" brochure by Plus Forest
 - "Initiative to establish working group on forest certification standards" paper by Finnish Forest Industries Federation (FFIF)
 - "Forest Forum for forestry and the environment 1996" by FFIF
 - "Verbaud der Finnischen Forstindustrie Umweltbericht 1994" booklet by FFIF
 - "Key to the Finnish Forest Industry Federation" booklet by FFIF
 - "The way of wood:  forest industry and environment" booklet by FFIF
 - "The Finnish contribution on the agenda point 4", paper
 - "New approach to forestry PR activities in Finland:  Forest Academy for Decision Makers" paper by Juhani Karvonen
 - "IUFRO networking development plan" paper by Lavri Valsta et al.
 - "Forest owners' and forest industry's position regarding the principles and composition of the forest standard committee" press release by FFIF
 - "Important initiative to promote forest certification in Finland" press  release by FFIF

EFI, Finland
 - "European Forest Institute (EFI)" brochure
 - "EFI News" newsletter
 - "EFI's experience with Internet" paper by Dr. Ivo Kupka, EFI

 - "Gérer les forêts tropicales, c'est les sauver durablement" brochure by Organization africaine du bois et Fédération française des bois tropicaux et américains
 - "La forêt française, une forêt en plein essor" brochure by La Forêt Française
 - "Forest policy in France" publication by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
 - "Sustainable forest management in France" publication by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
 - "Indicators for the sustainable management of French forests" publication by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

 - "Stichting Bos en Hout (SBH): Kerngegevens bos en hout in Nederland" statistics brochure
 - "This is SBH" brochure

 - "A survey of the activities of the timber-substitute industries" a memo by Berit Sanness
 - "Living forests of Norway" brochure by Living Forests of Norway
 - "Norwegian forest management" paper by Royal Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture

 - "Polish forests" publication by General Directorate of State Forests
 - "PR activities in forestry in 1994-1996" paper by Vlodek Adamszyak
 - "Public awareness for the 1995 nun moth and other insect forest pests suppression campaign" report by Lasy Panstwawe

 - "Swedish forest industry on the Internet" press briefing by Swedish Forest Industries Association
 - "In harmony, with nature" press briefing by Swedish Forest Industries Association
 - "Nordic forestry: the public opinion in Holland, Germany and Great Britain" paper by C. Larsson and A. Modig, Demoskop AB
 - "Plastics: less is more" brochure by Association of Plastic Manufacturers in Europe
 - "A Richer landscape--multiple use forestry in a landscape perspective"
  paper by National Board of Forestry

United Kingdom
 - "Wood from British Forests" brochure by the Forest Industry Council of GB"

United States
 - "Sustainable Forestry Initiative: First annual progress report" by AF&PA