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The ninth NPD Steering Committee meeting

The ninth NPD Steering Committee meeting

12 December 2012
Yerevan Armenia

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Volodya Narimanyan, Head of the Water Resources Management Agency of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia. Members of the Steering Committee are the key Armenian stakeholders; donors and International Financial Institutions (IFIs); rural municipalities/associations of municipalities; water utilities operating, inter alia, in rural areas; water users associations; and local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

Documents of the meeting ENG
Agenda PDF
Minutes PDF
List of participants PDF



“The Protocol on Water and Health: advantages for Armenia to become a Party” – Alisher Mamadzhanov, UNECE

"The new UNECE--‐FinWaterWei project on setting targets under the Protocol on Water and Health" – Alisher Mamadzhanov, UNECE

Main activities of the EU-funded "Environmental Protection of International River Basins" project and the progress, Zurab Jincharadze, Deputy Team Leader of the project

Presentation of the EC-funded “Transboundary River Management for the Kura River Basin –Phase III” regional project, Anatoly Pichugin