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UNECE webinar: Decarbonizing transport with natural gas

UNECE webinar: Decarbonizing transport with natural gas

09 December 2020
10:00 – 13:30 CET, ONLINE Geneva Switzerland

The webinar is part of the UNECE project “Improving capacities of the UNECE member States to decarbonize the transport sector by increasing the use of natural gas as a motor fuel”.

This webinar explored:   

  • Benefits, challenges and perceptions of natural gas in transport in the light of UN 2030 Agenda
  • Current CNG and LNG (compressed and liquefied natural gas) refuelling and storage infrastructure
  • Key concepts of the life cycle analysis
  • Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) Safety
  • Cases studies on the use of LNG in trucks and CNG in light vehicles
  • Interactive discussion on how to remove regulatory, legal, economic, technical and public perception barriers to the use of gas in transport

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Meeting ID: 848 6157 1226
Passcode: 346653

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Decarbonizing transport with natural gas PDF    
Natural gas in the transport sector PDF    
CNG and LNG refuelling and storage infrastructure PDF    
Life-cycle analysis – key concepts PDF    
Safety of vehicles powered by natural gas PDF    
Natural gas, small scale LNG and bio-methane for sustainable transport PDF    
Developing NGV market in Belgorodskaya oblast PDF    
LNG and decarbonization: transport sector PDF  

Webinar Recording

The webinar recording is available at