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The 12th NPD Steering Committee

The 12th NPD Steering Committee

06 May 2014
Yerevan Armenia

The twelfth NPD Steering Committee meeting on water resources was held in Yerevan on 6 May 2014. Different stakeholders and donors attended the meeting, which was chaired by the Head of the Water Resources Management Agency of Armenia, Mr. Volodya Narimanyan. The targets had been developed under the UNECE-World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) Protocol on Water and Health within a project financed by Finland. Members of the NPD Steering Committee provided their comments and subsequently adopted the draft targets. They recommended the Ministry of Nature Protection to officially circulate them for comments by relevant governmental authorities. The final draft will then be forwarded to the Government for formal adoption. In addition, the Committee also discussed the process of preparation of the road map for the ratification of the Protocol by Armenia, also supported by UNECE.

Press release of the meeting is available in English and Russian.

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Project  for  Construction  of  Kaps  Reservoir  and Gravity  Irrigation  System
Mr.  Gunther  Redmer,  German  Bank “Credit Institute  for  Reconstruction”, KfW