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The eighth NPD Steering Committee meeting

The eighth NPD Steering Committee meeting

11 April 2012
Yerevan Armenia

The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Volodya Narimanyan, Deputy Head of Water Resources Management Agency of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia, who will present the final results of the Payment for Ecosystem Services project. The participants of the meeting will be also informed about the results of investigation of the feasibility of applying economic tools in Debed river basin.

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Setting targets and target dates and establishing a programme of measures in Armenia. Dr Rainer E. Enderlein, Consultant at the UNECE, Geneva

What could be priorities for further assessments and work under the OECD initiative? Vahagn Tonoyan & Pierre Strosser

The OECD Debed river basin initiative in a nutshell. Vahagn Tonoyan & Pierre Strosser

Cooperation on river restoration. Bart Fokkens, Chairman of the European Centre for River Restoration

Learning from international experience: review of PES and the case of the Evian natural mineral water (voluntary agreement). Pierre Defrance, ACTeon

Economic instruments in the hydropower sector – illustration on the German bonus system. Verena Mattheiß, ACTeon

Innovative economic instruments for water management: what did we learn? Vahagn Tonoyan & Pierre Strosser

ENPI project: trans-boundary river management for the Kura river basin Phase III – Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan - introduction to the project. Dr Anatoly Pichugin, Team leader

UNDP/GEF Kura Aras project. Mary m. Matthews, Ph.D., Chief technical advisor and project coordinator