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Working group meeting on the National Policy Dialogues in Georgia

Working group meeting on the National Policy Dialogues in Georgia

21 February 2012
Tbilisi Georgia

The NPD in Georgia focuses on three major topics included in the MoU with the Ministry of Environment signed in October 2011: Establishment of a legal framework for water management based on the principles of the EU Water Framework Directive; Setting up targets for implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health to the UNECE Water Convention; and Transboundary water cooperation including preparing a bilateral agreement with neighbouring Azerbaijan and supporting the accession of Georgia to the UNECE Water Convention.

Meeting participants included national experts involved in the work of the three NPD working groups – a working group on the new Water Code of Georgia, a working group on transboundary water management, and a working group on the UNECE – WHO Protocol on Water and Health. It was agreed that the first Steering Group meeting of the Georgian NPD will take place in the second half of May. The focus of the meeting will be a concept for new water legislation that is being developed with the support of Finnish consultants. The other two themes, target setting and transboundary water cooperation (including the accession to the UNECE Water Convention) will also be included in the agenda.

OSCE and the UNECE are facilitating the development of an agreement on the part of the Kura river shared by Georgia and Azerbaijan. The project also includes efforts to clarify the obligations of Georgia under the Water Convention in advance of its possible accession. Discussion of this project also took place during the meeting.