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High-level awareness-raising meeting in Ukraine

High-level awareness-raising meeting in Ukraine

19 April 2018 9:30 - 18:00
Kyiv Ukraine

Agenda ENG   UKR

List of Participants  ENG   UKR

Main outcomes  ENG  UKR

Presentations ENG UKR RUS
UNECE’s activities in support of Agenda 2030 on strengthening environmental governance and disaster risk reduction- Mr. Serge Ludwiczak ENG UKR  
The Industrial Accidents Convention: scope, benefits and main requirements - Ms. Liza Rubach   UKR  
Importance of the Industrial Accidents Convention as key stepping stone in the approximation to EU law in multiple areas including the Seveso-III-Directive, the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and the Security Policies- Mr. Aléxandros Kiriazis ENG UKR  
Ukraine as a beneficiary of the Convention’s Assistance Programme: previous activities and progress towards the implementation of the Convention- Mr. Yuri Nabyvanets   UKR  
Example of EU member State: implementation of the Industrial Accidents Convention and the relevant EU legislation in Slovenia - Ms. Jasmina Karba ENG UKR  
Industrial safety and the prevention of accidental water pollution: Joint Expert Group on Water and Industrial Accidents and activities on the safety of tailings management facilities in Ukraine - Mr. Gerd Winkelmann-Oei ENG UKR  
Cooperation with neighbouring countries: enhancing hazard management in the Danube Delta and beyond - Mr. Gavril Gilca     RUS
Assistance Programme under the Industrial Accidents Convention and opportunities to further support Ukraine - Ms. Liza Rubach   UKR  
Wrap up and conclusions - revised by Ms. Jasmina Karba, 11 april 2018 ENG UKR