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Workshop “Managing water information in Central Asia”

Workshop “Managing water information in Central Asia”

07 December 2012
Almaty Kazakhstan

The Workshop is organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in the framework of the UNECE Programme “Regional Dialogue and Cooperation on Water Resources Management in Central Asia” supported by the Government of Germany through GIZ. Organizational support to the meeting is provided by the Executive Board of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The meeting is organised in collaboration with the French project on transboundary basin data management (FFEM project).

UNECE has initiated an analysis of water information on the regional level in Central Asia. It is not the intention to come up with suggestions for a new separate track of activities; the objective is to support regional institutions and representatives of five Central Asian countries in their efforts to improve data management and exchange, and identify opportunities for coordination between various projects and initiatives. The analysis will be finalised and distributed in the beginning of 2012 as a contribution to the implementation of the information-related activities of the Aral Sea Basin Programme 3.

The Workshop brings together governmental representatives from hydrometeorological and water authorities of the five Central Asian countries, as well as non-governmental and international organizations active in water and water monitoring. The objectives are to discuss and share information about:

  • On-going and planned water-related information initiatives in Central Asia;
  • Principles for further development of water information management on the regional and the bilateral levels, and
  • Opportunities for coordination between different organizations and projects.


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Agenda PDF PDF
Report PDF PDF
List of participants PDF PDF

Press release "UNECE workshop to improve quality and access to information on transboundary water resources in Central Asia"


Issues paper “Stronger supply, clever demand: vision for water and environmental information in Central Asia” (December 2011)

Paper "Water information in Central Asia - A framework for future development" (March 2012) PDF PDF

Introduction: Managing water information in Central Asia 

Mr. Bo Libert, Regional Adviser, UN Economic Commission for Europe


Capacity building in data administration for assessing transboundary water resources in the EECCA                                            

Mr. Paul Haener, Head of Water Information Systems Department, International Office for Water, France                              


Supporting transboundary cooperation and river basin plans through data management for IWRM in Central Asia

Mr. Iskandar Abdullaev, Regional Advisor, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Central Asian countries initiative on land management (CACILM)

Mr. Reinhard Bodemeyer, Programme Director, Regional Natural Resources Programme, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH


Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS): Europe's new approach to environmental information

Mr. Nickolai Denisov, Senior Associate, and Mr. Viktor Novikov, Project Manager, Zoї environmental network


Accessible and transparent data for energy-water analysis: lessons from the international community

Ms. Daryl Fields, Senior Water Resources Specialist, Energy Unit Europe and Central Asia, World Bank


Regional energy security information system

Mr. Oleg Ryaskov, Regional Manager, Regional Energy Security, Efficiency and Trade Program (RESET), USAID


Regional information activities of the Regional Center for Hydrology

Ms. Svetlana Shivareva, Executive Director, Regional Center for Hydrology under the Executive Committee of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea


Central Asia regional water information base (CAREWIB)

Mr. Iskander Beglov, Senior Specialist, Manager of CAREWIB project, Scientific-Information Center of Interstate Coordination Water Commission of Central Asia (SIC ICWC)


Water user associations information needs

Mr. Jusipbek Kazbekov, Scientific Adviser, International Water Management Institute


Stronger supply, clever demand: vision for water and environmental information in Central Asia

Mr. Nickolai Denisov, Senior Associate, Zoї environmental network and Mr. Bo Libert, Regional Adviser, UN Economic Commission for Europe