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The tenth NPD Steering Committee meeting

The tenth NPD Steering Committee meeting

26 September 2013
Yerevan Armenia

The tenth meeting of the Steering Committee of the Armenian National Policy Dialogue on water resources was held in Yerevan on Thursday, 26 September 2013. Some 30 representatives of different stakeholders and donors attended the meeting, which was chaired by the Head of the Water Resources Management Agency of Armenia, Mr. Volodya Narimanyan.

  An expert group presented a draft baseline analysis of the Armenia’s health and environmental situation and legal framework on water, a first step towards setting national targets under the UNECE- WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health. EU-funded project “Environmental Protection of the International River Basins” was presented, as well as the proposal for reform of economic instruments in Armenia.

Press release of the meeting is available in English and Russian.

Documents ENG
Agenda PDF
Decisions PDF
List of partipants PDF
EU funded “Environmental Protection of International River Basins” project - workplan of the upcoming 6 months
Mr. Zurab Jincharadze, Deputy Team Leader of the project
Facilitating the reform of economic instruments in Armenia: Development and assessment of the proposed options for reform – Preliminary Results
Ms. Gloria de Paoli, Economist, "ACTeon" Scientific-Research Organization
Baseline analysis for setting national targets under the Protocol on Water and Health in Armenia - workplan for the remainder of the project
Mr. Peep Mardiste, NPD Regional Coordinator, UNECE