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The eleventh NPD Steering Committee meeting

The eleventh NPD Steering Committee meeting

12 December 2013
Yerevan Armenia

The eleventh NPD Steering Committee meeting on water resources was held in Yerevan on Thursday, 12 December 2013. Different stakeholders and donors attended the meeting, which was chaired by the Head of the Water Resources Management Agency of Armenia, Mr. Volodya Narimanyan. Final draft of the baseline analysis of the Armenia’s health and environmental situation and legal framework on water was presented. Participants prioritized the most vital areas for targets on water and health so that the process on finalising and adoption of the targets can continue.

Press release of the meeting is available in English and Russian.

Documents ENG RUS
Agenda PDF  
List of participants PDF  
Decisions PDF  
The process of target setting in the Kyrgyz Republic with focus on the process of prioritization of target areas
Mr. Erkin Orolbaev, NPD national coordinator in the Kyrgyz Republic
Introduction to the discussion on prioritization of problems, and the future process of setting draft targets, compiling programme of measures and indicators
Mr. Alisher Mamadzhanov, UNECE
Facilitating the reform of economic instruments in Armenia. Proposed Options for Reform – Assessment of the expected impacts and requisites for implementation
Mr. Vahagn Tonoyan, Ms. Gloria de Paoli, Mr. Pierre Strosser - experts