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Workshop on the Influence of Land Administration on People and Business

Workshop on the Influence of Land Administration on People and Business

02 - 03 October 2008
Cavtat Croatia


In co-operation with the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration, the State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia organized an international workshop in Cavtat, Croatia. The topic of the workshop was: Influence of Land Administration on People and Business.

As you may know, the Republic of Croatia is undertaking the reform of the real property registration system, which includes the reform of the Cadastre and the reform of Land Registries. The reform has deep impacts on the people and business, and we may say on society in general.

In the same period of time, a lot of countries from the UNECE region are going through the same transition in their registration systems. It is very well known that the reform of the registration system has many risks and threats in each country, and that the reform must be viewed from the perspective of those who will benefit from it.

The program of the workshop aimed at presenting the Influence of Land Administration on People and Business.

The main issue of the workshop was to discuss the following:

  • security of land tenure through an efficient registration system and the influence of that security on the development of the society
  • security in legal real property transactions and the way they influence business
  • raising public awareness in relation to the registration system and raising public trust in State institutions
  • the ways in which business can co-operate with institutions responsible for registration
  • the ways in which users of the registration system can co-operate with institutions responsible for registration


Workshop website


1- Real Estate Investment on Level Playing Fields, S. Williams

2a- From Caveat Emptor towards Full Disclosure, D. Clancy

2b- From Caveat Emptor towards Full Disclosure - paper, D. Clancy

3- Public Registries and Private Solutions-Mechanisms for Protection of Real Property Interests in the United States, C. Szypszak

4- Land Registry and the Security of Tenure in Spain, I. Gonzalez Garcia

5- Security of Tenure in the Republic of Austria and Stakeholders Requirementsfileadmin/DAM/hlm/WPLA/workshops/Cavtat2008/5_G._Muggenhuber_Security_of_Tenure_in_the_Republic_of_Austr.pdf, G. Muggenhuber

6- WPLA Fees and Charges in Cadastre and Registration, N. King

7- Awareness as a Key Factor for Developing inter-organizational collaboration in land administration systemsfileadmin/DAM/hlm/WPLA/workshops/Cavtat2008/7_C._Thellufsen_Awareness_as_a_Key_Factor_for_Developing_Int.pdf, C. Thellufsen

8- Informal Development in the European region and the role of land administration, C. Potsiou

9- Five Reasons why Training Needs Analysis, P. Bullock, M. Probert, M. Josic

10- Cadastre and Land Registration 2012 in Europe to Support the Development of LA Policiesfileadmin/DAM/hlm/WPLA/workshops/Cavtat2008/10_B._Lipej_Cadastre_and__Land_Registration_in_Europe_2012_t.pdf, B. Lipej

11- Latest Development of the Cadastre in the Republic of Austria, R. Kugler

12- Development of Property Registration System, E. Meskhidze

13- Introduction to REM & What Constitutes A Real Estate Market, B. Emmott

14- Requirements for International Standards in Valuation & Surveying, J. Harris

15- Risk and Efficiency in Real Estate Markets, E. Campagnoli

16- Co-operation between Public and Private Sectors, W. Amann

17- Working with Business Communities to Enable Digital Land Registration, M. Traynor

18- Kadaster-doing business in the Netherlands, R. Wouters

19- Land Administration in Lithuania: Challenges and Perspectives, K. Sabaliauskas

20- Latest development in the Czech Cadastre New Services for Business and People, V. Suchanek

21- Land Registry and Cadastre Modernization Project 2008, Y. Meshur

22- Results from the ECA Region: World Bank Financed Projects Supporting Land Administration Reform, V. Stanley

23- Regional Cadastral Study Reforms in the Region, M. Roic, F. Steiwer, J.B. Fjalestad