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Workshop on Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus Assessment in the Sava River Basin

Workshop on Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus Assessment in the Sava River Basin

04 - 06 March 2014
Zagreb Croatia

Based on the interest expressed by the member countries of the International Sava River Basin Commission, the Sava River basin has been selected as one of the transboundary basins where the nexus assessment will be conducted. The assessment exercise is expected to contribute to further integration of water policy with other policies and further dialogue with the key sectoral stakeholders, as specific objectives in river basin management, defined in the Strategy on Implementation of the Framework Agreement on the Sava River Basin.

This workshop was organised as an introduction to the nexus assessment in the Sava River basin. The event was meant to provide inputs to the nexus assessment of the Sava and, at the same time, serve as an opportunity to participate in the development of the approach and scope of the assessment and influence the materials to be used, for example. It was also an occasion to discuss among the sectoral authorities, private sector and the civil society: (a) about needs and policy challenges related to intersectoral coordination and cooperation, as well as (b) how the assessment could meaningfully link to and provide helpful information for decision-making at different levels.
The nexus assessment in the Sava river basin was supported financially by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, as well as by the Environment and Security Initiative.

The press release can be found here.

Documents ENG
List of participants PDF
Programme PDF
Introduction to the workshop: objectives and expectations, background, assessment of the waterfood- energy-ecosystems nexus under the UNECE Water Convention, inputs to the workshop PDF
Guiding Principles on Sustainable Hydropower Development in the Danube Basin PDF
Implications of the EU renewable energy acquis for the SEE sub-region and the Energy Strategy of the Energy Community PDF
Regional food and agriculture outlook and implications to the resource nexus PDF
Environmental information supporting decision-making PDF
Ecosystem perspective PDF
National development plans and priority objectives in water sector in Montenegro PDF
Water Management in Serbia PDF
B&H : Strategic orientation in energy sector PDF
Energy sector of Montenegro, Strategic goals PDF
A multi purpose Sava river project Hydro power, drought and flood management approach PDF
Agriculture and water management in BA PDF
Climate change influence on agriculture, planning and strategic documents in Republic of Croatia PDF
Developments in the Sava river basin relevant from the nexus viewpoint PDF
Scientific Support to the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and the Danube Water Nexus project PDF
The approach and technical specificities in the Danube water nexus, and the Sava sub-basin case PDF
Climate change predictions for the Sava river basin PDF
The Water and Climate Adaptation Plan for the Sava river basin PDF
Activities on flood risk management and climate change adaptation in the Sava river basin PDF
Findings on the climate change impact on flood discharge on the Sava river and preliminary identification of adaptation measures PDF
Draft outlines of the SRB Nexus Assessment PDF
Further steps of the nexus assessment in the Sava river basin PDF