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Informal discussion on key findings of a survey for the Strategic Review of the Warsaw Integrated Programme of Work (WIPoW) 2018-2021

Informal discussion on key findings of a survey for the Strategic Review of the Warsaw Integrated Programme of Work (WIPoW) 2018-2021

18 June 2020 15:00 - 17:00

COFFI and EFC held a virtual Informal Consultation to provide initial input into the formulation of their next Integrated Program of Work for 2022-2025 (IPoW). The Consultation, which was necessitated by the cancellation of this year’s Joint ECE/FAO Working Party Session, considered successes and shortcomings of the current Warsaw Integrated Program of Work (WIPoW), which is set to expire next year, with the aim of identifying elements for inclusion or adjustment in the new Integrated Programme of Work (IPoW).

The Consultation was held remotely on 18 June at 15:00-17:00 CET.

A survey was launched to gather views from all stakeholders who have participated or shown interest in the implementation of the of the WIPoW and formulation of the new IPoW. An initial review of the results from this survey was provided in the Informal Consultation, followed by an open discussion.

The Informal Consultation allowed national authorities (Heads of Delegations or representatives to COFFI and EFC, member States through the Permanent Missions in Geneva and Joint COFFI and EFC Bureaux members) to discuss the main survey results and allow the secretariat, under the guidance of the Joint COFFI and EFC Bureaux, to identify key elements for the first draft of the new IPoW.

Countries were requested to nominate at least one representative to attend on their behalf. For technical reasons, one connection from each country is made, with a total number of approx. 50 participants (or links).

Member states will also have other opportunities for formal engagement in this review process in the future, including the 78th session of COFFI in November 2020, where the first draft of the new IPoW along with key findings from the survey will be presented to member States for their consideration and comment. In March 2021, members of the Joint Working Party will be able to provide guidance and recommendations on the second draft of the IPoW at the 42nd session of the JWP. During the Joint COFFI/EFC session in November 2021, the final draft of the IPoW will be available for consideration and approval.


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