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Sustainable Land Management Week

Sustainable Land Management Week

24 - 27 February 2015
Geneva Switzerland

The events held this week incorporated the needs and priorities of land administration in the UNECE region in support of the post-2015 development agenda and the proposed sustainable development goals. 

1. Vital Public Spaces - Promoting Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements through Designing and Managing Public Spaces workshop (Tuesday, 24 February) will discuss how sound urban public areas promote democracy, inclusiveness and openness and enhance social cohesion

2. The challenges of Informal Settlements – WPLA workshop (Wednesday, 25 February) will address challenges posed by illegal and unplanned urban growth in the region and tools available to governments to better the lives of their inhabitants. 

3. Ninth Session of the Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA): Land and Sustainable Development Goals (Thursday, 26 – Friday, 27 February) will provide an international platform for a high-level exchange on issues related to land administration and management. At the Session on 26-27 February, representatives of the UNECE member States will review the work of the WPLA in 2014 and 2015 and discuss how the UNECE can continue to work to improve land management and land administration practices throughout its region. 

4. The Second Meeting of International Organizations/Agencies (Friday, 27 February) provided an opportunity to discuss how to best work together to improve land management and land administration in Europe and the UNECE region.

The Session and workshops had simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Russian.