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Workshop "State and market: Cadastres and Property Right Registers"

Workshop "State and market: Cadastres and Property Right Registers"

24 - 25 November 2016
Madrid Spain

The need for smart interaction to better serve citizens and public administrations

The workshop focused on the functions of Cadastres and Registries, their respective role related to the State and to the real estate and mortgage market and the ways of interaction to satisfy social and economic needs in UNECE member States. Cadastres and Property Rights Registries contribute to inmovable market sustainability and efficiency. The development of new technologies have enabled synergies  between Cadastre and Property Rights Registry. The purpose of the workshop was to share experience and practices in Cadastres and Registries interaction within the framework of land administration and to develop strategic and productive relationships with land administration professionals from across the globe.

The workshop ended with a master-class on the inner-workings of Property Rights Registry and Money Laundering Registry Center of the Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad y Mercantiles de España (Property Rights and Commerce Registrars Public Corporation of Spain).

The workshop was held in English, with simultaneous translation in Russian and Spanish and vice versa.