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Smart Sustainable Cities Financing forum Liechtenstein

Smart Sustainable Cities Financing forum Liechtenstein

07 - 08 November 2016
Ruggell Liechtenstein


Venue: KOKON Corporate Campus, Industriering 3, 9491 Ruggell, Principality of  Liechtenstein
Languages: English

The Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER) and the Austrian Economic Centre organized the Smart Sustainable Cities Financing Forum Liechtenstein from 7 to 8 November 2016 in Ruggell, Liechtenstein.
The main objectives of this Forum were:
•    to identify sources of funding, and opportunities for financing and implementing smart sustainable urban solutions;
•    to bridge the gap between investors and cities by determining practical solutions to facilitate the transition into smart sustainable cities;
•    to discuss business models and good practices for financing smart sustainable cities;
•    to determine the role of standards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor economic growth.

Vaduz Declaration


Click here for photos of the event (photos could be downloaded)


Background document


Presentations - day 1

Title   ENG
“Intelligent infrastructure for smart sustainable cities and regions: a systemic view on finance”
Prof. Dr. Peter Droege, Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development
Towards smarter and sustainable cities worldwide: the United for Smart Sustainable Cities Initiative and the United Smart Cities program
Domenica Carriero, Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER)
From evaluation to results - the balancing act between hard and soft facts
Barbara Kolm, Austrian Economic Centre (AEC)
KPIs for Smart Sustainable Cities to assess the achievement of the SDGs
John Smiciklas, MJRD Assessment, Inc.
Many roads lead to sustainability, but how to measure?
Andreas Littkopf, Environment Agency Austria
"Territorial Optimization Modelling" (methodology to improve public service's efficiency and financing)
Tomas Llorente, Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda (Spain)
"The evolving spectrum of financing options for smart city projects"
Marco van Waveren, Impact Investing and Asset Management
Investing in Urban Sustainability: The Role of Clean, Modern Energy Technologies
Alf Henryk Wulf, GE Power (Germany)
“The financing of Smart Sustainable City projects; successes and challenges”
Michel Frommé, Philips Lighting Capital
“Smart City Investment Project Facility”
Mithat Külür, Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER)
“Financing Innovation: Africa Landscape and Case Studies”
Kenza Kbabra, Smart City Initiative for Africa
“Challenges and opportunities for investing in smart urban mobility solutions”
Karen Vancluysen, Polis
Financing the Smart City
Petr Suska, Urban Governance Innovation, Fraunhofer
Smart Cities: From Idea to Implementation
Oksana Remiga, UNDP
“Economic and Financial analysis for Smart Cities: the case of GrowSmarter”
Carlos Carrasco-Farré, IESE Business School and UNECE Center of Excellence on PPP for Cities, Spain
"Green Bonds - innovative financing for smart cities"
Martin Stadelmann, South Pole Group
“Support for cities projects – grants, PPPs, finance”
Alexander Auböck, JASPERS/European Investment Bank

Presentations - day 2

Title   ENG
“Maribor wastewater treatment plant”
Igor Kos, Mayor’s Office, Maribor, Slovenia
“Urban Ropeways - a Solution Provider for Congested Cities”
Thomas Schubert, Leitner Ropeways, Italy and Charlotte Riche, Poma Vorappe, France
“New era of transportation for Smart Cities”
Ilker Cumbul, Halatlı Taşımacılık and Bursa Teleferik, Turkey
“Challenges and Best Practice Solutions for Modern Waste Management”
Stephan Weissenbacher, SSI Schäfer
“Can we both incentivise private investment AND unlock revenues for smart, sustainable cities?”
Lawrence Walters, Brigham Young University
“How can we make cities smarter?”
Nicole Wirz Schneider, raumplan wirz gmbh and National Delegate of Switzerland for ISOCARP
“Smart City Project metrics”
Peter Pongratz, Triple-A
“The role of international organizations in incentivizing private investment: practical examples and models of success”
Andrei Muntean, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
“Exploring Innovative Mechanisms for Financing Smart Cities: Innovations from the health sector”
Amitabh Metha, Indus Blue Consulting
“Towards a city-focused, people-centred and integrated approach to the New Urban Agenda”
Ivonne Higuero, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
“U4SSC WG1’s Future Living Framework in the New Urban Agenda”
Maria-Lluisa Marsal, Future Cities Catapult, UK
“Making cities in Belarus greener”
Natallia Hubskaya, UNDP Belarus