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11th Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators

11th Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators

30 June - 01 July 2016
Geneva Switzerland
Document Title Documents Presentations
  Provisional annotated agenda PDF PDF    
  Programme PDF PDF    
  Adopted conclusions PDF      
  Revised Report (uploaded 27 February 2017) PDF PDF    
  Session 4 -  Adoption of the report of the 10th session of the JTF on EI PDF PDF    
  Session 5 -  Revised Terms of Reference of the JTF PDF      
  Session 6 -  Outcomes of the 17th session of the WGEMA PDF      
  Session 7 -  Implementation of the recommendations for the production and online sharing of selected environmental indicators PDF      

Country example of the Russian Federation

                    Accessibility and data quality issues for selected indicators - presentation by ECE PDF      

The Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics 2013, the Environment Statistics Self-Assessment Tool (ESSAT), and the Manual for the Basic Set of Environment Statistics



  Session 8 -  Waste statistics      

Introduction into the session on waste statistics


UNSD’s Environment Statistics Data Collection, Response Rates and Data Quality

                    Country example - presentation by Armenia       PDF

Country example - presentation by Netherlands


 E-waste statistics, Global trends and societal impact - presentation by UNU-IAS

  Session 9 -  Environmental indicators in the context of current policy initiatives      

Linking the UNECE environmental indicators to global policy initiatives and environment-related statistical frameworks


Mapping of UNECE Environmental Indicators with SEEA-CF, OECD Green Growth indicators and SDGs

  Session 10 - Measuring the Green Transformation (OECD)       PDF
                    Country example - presentation by Kazakhstan        PDF
                    Country example - presentation by Ukraine       PDF
                    Measuring the Green Transformation of the Economy: Guide for EU Eastern Partnership countries - Draft for comments PDF PDF    
  Background documents        

Eurostat Manual for air emissions accounts