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13th Joint Task Force on Environment Statistics and Indicators

13th Joint Task Force on Environment Statistics and Indicators

29 - 30 June 2017
Geneva Switzerland


Document Title
Documents Presentations
  Provisional agenda annotated PDF   PDF  
  Provisional Programme PDF   PDF  
  Adopted decisions PDF   --  
  Report PDF   PDF  
  Recommendations for revising the ECE set of environmental indicators: Energy and Biodiversity (UNECE) PDF   PDF  
Session 2 - Implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the twelfth session of the Joint Task Force
  Progress made since the 12th session (UNECE)       PDF_EN
Session 3 - Data quality in SEIS reporting
  Methodological considerations on data quality in SEIS (UNECE)       PDF EN
  Integration of simple data validation tools (UNECE)       PDF_EN
Session 4 - Revision of biodiversity indicators
  Recommendations from the background paper (UNECE)       PDF EN
  Progress on implementation of indicator D1 in the Russian Federation (Federal State Service of the Russian Federation)      



  Progress in the field of biodiversity protection and related indicators in Kyrgyzstan (National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan)       PDF_RU
Session 5 - Implementation of recommendations on energy indicators
  Recommendations from the background paper (UNECE)       PDF_EN
  Energy statistics and indicators in Kazakhstan (Statistical Committee of Kazakhstan)       PDF EN
Session 6 - Nexus approach (Energy - Water - Agriculture)
  Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystem Nexus (UNECE)       PDF EN
  Lessons learned from AQWA (Geneva University)       PDF_EN
Session 7 - UNSD pilot data collection on water quality
  UNSD pilot data collection on water quality (UNSD)       PDF_EN
  Policies and data collection related to water quality in Georgia (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia)       PDF EN
  Water indicators, current trends and reporting (EEA)       PDF EN
Session 8 - Waste Statistics
  Progress of the CES Task Force on Waste Statistics (UNECE)       PDF_EN
  UNSD data collections on waste statistics (UNSD)       PDF_EN
  Global e-Waste Partnership and ITU's work on e-waste statistics (ITU)       PDF EN
  Statistics on e-waste in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Agency of Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina)       PDF_EN
Session 9 - Capacity building needs
  Current and planned activities of UNECE and UNEP (UNECE and UN Environment Europe)       PDF_EN
  Experiences from the training workshop in Kazakhstan  (Statistical Commitee of Kazakhstan)        
  Capacity building expectations of Tajikistan (Committee of Environmental Protection of Tajikistan)       PDF_RU
Session 10 - Update on SDG-related developments
  Updates on the work of the IAEG on SDG indicators (UNECE)       PDF_EN
  Developments on environment-related SDGs (UN Environment Europe)       PDF EN
  Material flow indicators in the SDGs (Vienna University of Economics and Business)       PDF_EN
  UN-HABITAT's work on environment-related SDG indicators (UN-HABITAT)       PDF EN
Session 11 - Other relevant developments
  Main outcomes of the Expert Group Meeting on Environment Statistics (UNSD)       PDF_EN
  Report from the 12th Meeting of the UNCEEA (UNECE)       PDF EN
  Updates from EAP Green (OECD)        
  Modernisation of statistics (UNECE)       PDF EN