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Work session on dissemination to information media

Work session on dissemination to information media

25 - 27 September 2000
Voorburg Netherlands

Updated: Mon Sep 25 09:27:46 MET DST 2000

Working Paper No. /...

Document Title ENG
1 Information note for participants (incl. registration form) PDF
31 Jul.00
1/ADD.1 Provisional agenda PDF
28 Aug.00
1/ADD.2 Annotated agenda and timetable PDF
21 Sep.00
2 Use of the fundamental principles of information and dissemination (Eurostat) PDF
31 Jul.00
3 Developing a new corporate design for the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Germany) PDF
31 Jul.00
4 New attitude of dissemination of the statistical information to media (Czech Republic) PDF
31 Jul.00
5 What methods can statistical agencies use to achieve a high profile and visibility in media and general public relationships - the Italian experience (Italy) PDF
31 Jul.00
6 The central database Tempo - a warehouse solution for macrodata dissemination (Romania) PDF
31 Jul.00
7 The new Eurostat Web site - expanded content, delivery services (Eurostat) PDF
31 Jul.00
8 How to build a corporate design as a modern information provider and importing data sets and information released through the internet to the media (Belgium/Luxembourg) PDF
25 Sep.00
9 Riding the crisis (United Kingdom) PDF
2 Aug.00
10 Can a public relations firm help a statistical agency? (United States/Israel) PDF
2 Aug.00
11 Development of NCS's website in dissemination of statistics to the media using new technological developments (Romania) PDF
8 Aug.00
12 When bad things happen to your good name (United States/Israel) PDF
12 Sep.00
13 How Statistics Canada packages metadata in its Internet-based media releases (Canada) PDF
14 Aug.00
14 Making use of new technological developments to better meet the needs of the media and get their feedback - United States Census experience in 2000 (United States) PDF
30 Aug.00
15 Romanian National Commission for Statistics relation with the media and public as a scheduled effort which implies costs and benefits (Romania) PDF
16 Aug.00
16 Sharing Statistical Information over the Internet (United Kingdom) PDF
29 Aug.00
17 Statistics Sweden's mass media policy (Sweden) PDF
28 Aug.00
18 The Process and Value of Developing a Corporate Identity PDF
1 Sep.00
19 Revising statistical information released to the media on the Internet (Canada - United States) PDF
13 Sep.00