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Meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems

Meeting on the Management of Statistical Information Systems

14 - 16 April 2014
Dublin Ireland
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  Agenda PDF  
  Report PDF  
  Report presented to the CES PDF  
  (i) How IT can contribute to changing organizational culture    
  A Case Study - How IT is Contributing to Changing the ABS Culture (Australia) PDF PPTX
  Information Technology Centralization and Modernization Efforts and the Impact on Organizational Culture at a Federal Statistical Agency (USA/NASS) PDF PPTX
  Streamline, standardize and automate statistical data processing – An IMF case study (IMF) PDF PPTX
  Is IT rationalisation a way to change service culture? (Eurostat) PDF PPT
  Factors influencing open source software adoption in public sector national and international statistical organizations (UNESCO Institute for Statistics) PDF PPTX
  The ICT Change Management at Istat (Italy) PDF PPTX
   OECD.Graph solution – enhancing the graphics production process (OECD) PDF PPTX
  (ii) Standards-based modernization    
  Statistical Metadata Driven eForms – Improved Business Efficiency through Standardised Automated Statistical Processes (Australia) PDF PPTX
  Capturing Metadata Objects in Statistical Business Processes and Using them to Monitor the Process (Turkey) PDF PPTX
  Meeting today’s dissemination challenges – Implementing international standards in .Stat (OECD)   PPSX
  European Census Hub: A Cooperation Model For Dissemination of EU Statistics (Eurostat) PDF PPTX
  Implementation of global SDMX Data Structure Definitions (DSDs): A pilot project in Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP/Asian Development Bank) PDF PPTX
  SDMX Implementation Via DevInfo 7.0 in Ghana Community Systems Foundation (DevInfo) PDF  
  GSBPM and GSIM in Statistics Norway (Norway) PDF PPT
  (iii) Innovation    
  On the use of internet robots for official statistics (Netherlands) PDF PPTX
  Big Data use cases and implementation pilots at the OECD (OECD) PDF  
  Implementation of GIS technology to support Population Census operations in Albania (Albania) PDF PPT
  Dealing with Big Data for Official Statistics: IT Issues (Italy) PDF PPTX
  Quality Assurance – Population and Housing Census 2011 (Albania) PDF PPTX
  The Implementation of E-survey in the Department of Statistics Malaysia (Malaysia) PDF PPTX
  Data Management and Dissemination for Censuses and Surveys at National Institute of Statistics (Cambodia) PDF PPTX
  Open Data Initiative of the Government of India – Fostering Innovations, Creating Opportunities (India) PDF PPT
  Informing a Data Revolution Project (Paris21) PDF PPTX
  (iv) Architecture    
  IRIA: Statistics Production Model of the National Statistical Institute of Spain (Spain) PDF PPT
  Enterprise architecture framework in Statistics Poland (Poland) PDF PPTX
  Business Architecture model within an official statistical context (Italy) PDF PPT
  Methodology for evaluation of statistical information systems (UNIDO) PDF PDF
  Lessons learned from the use of CSPA PoC at Statistics Canada (Canada)   PPTX
  (v) Panel discussion on the implementation of a Common Statistical Production Architecture    

How do NSOs free up resources to implement CSPA?


What organizational changes need to be made in order to implement it?






  The future of MSIS (UNECE)   PPT