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10th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

10th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

07 - 08 October 2019
Bangkok Thailand

The Tenth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development will take place under the theme "Translating Targets into Actions" on 7-8 October 2019 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The Forum is organized by five United Nations Regional Commissions and the Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom of Thailand

Governments, businesses and civil society organizations have made tremendous strides in bringing affordable and clean energy to more people in recent years, but this progress has been largely uneven and must be accelerated in order to leave no one behind. Urgent reinforced action and more investment, particularly in least developed countries is needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7 on energy by 2030.

The Tenth Forum in Bangkok will explore pathways to close the gap between targets and actions. Experts from the energy sector, representatives from Governments, UN entities, international organizations and other stakeholders will discuss major issues and demonstrate actions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 7 and meet commitments to mitigate climate change. There will be a series of roundtables, parallel sessions and side events about energy issues like clean cooking, access to electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cleaner use of fossil fuels.

The Forum will include the annual sessions of the UNECE Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency and Group of Experts on Renewable Energy.


 The registration for the Forum is available at:

The registration for the Sixth session of the Groups of Experts on Energy Efficiency at:

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Agenda and Concept Notes ENG FRE RUS
Draft overview of the agenda PDF



All presentations are also available at  ESCAP/Events at

Download Presentations (75 MB)

Presentation Title & Author ENG FRE RUS
7 October-Day 1      

Renewable Energy (UNECE)


Asia Pacific Energy Think Tank Research Network (ESCAP)  


Energy Efficiency in Industry (UNECE

Clean Cooking: Evidence and Innovations for filling the gap (ESCAP)       
Electricity Access for Social Change (ESCAP)       
8 October-Day 2      

Sustainable Energy and Women Empowerment (ESCWA/ECA/ESCAP/UNECE) 


Strengthening Institutional Capacity on Evidence-Based Policy Development in Sustainable Energy

Energy Modelling and Scenario Analysis to Inform Policy Decisions for the 2030 Energy Transition (ESCAP)      

Accelerating the Implementation of SDG7 and NDC by Developing National Roadmaps (ESCAP/ADB)

Multi-stakeholder Partnerships in Promoting NEXSTEP to Develop National SDG7 Roadmaps (ESCAP/ADB)      

From Commitments to Action: National Sustainable Energy Action Plans (UNECE/ESCAP)


Role of Natural Gas in Achieving SDG7 and Paris Agreement (ESCAP/ESCWA/UNECE) 



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