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Workshop on UNFC-2009 for Evaluation of Uranium and Thorium Resources and to Leverage Transparent and Effective Communications

Workshop on UNFC-2009 for Evaluation of Uranium and Thorium Resources and to Leverage Transparent and Effective Communications

18 - 22 October 2015
Luxor Egypt

International Atomic Energy Agency
In collaboration with
Nuclear Materials Authority of Egypt


The main objective of the Workshop is to introduce participants to the practical application of UNFC-2009 for uranium and thorium resources. The course will focus on the following topics of interest:

Expected Output(s): One of the main outputs anticipated from the Workshop is sharing of experiences and strengthening of a professional network among the participating countries; also the exchange of knowledge and experience between workshop participants and Workshop staff resulting in an acquisition of knowledge and skills by participants. The Workshop will involve exercises on the application UNFC-2009 and its consistent use.
Scope and Nature:

The course will introduce participants to application of UNFC-2009 for uranium projects in Africa and how sustainable development could be leveraged by use of transparent communication standards. The course will comprise presentations, lectures and discussion sessions, information and experiences on current developments on UNFC-2009 and its application in a global level will be shared.


Document Title & Symbol ENG
Agenda PDF


Presentation Title & Author ENG FRE RUS
Session 1: UNFC-2009 and mineral resources reporting
Towards competency in mineral resource reporting in Africa
UNFC-2009: An introduction – Charlotte Griffiths; UNECE PDF    
UNFC 2009 Jump Start: How it works  – Hari Tulsidas, EGRC/IAEA PDF    
UNFC-2009, Sustainable Development Goals and Africa Mining Vision: Need for a synthesis? – Hari Tulsidas, IAEA PDF    
How to leverage stakeholder communications with UNFC-2009 reporting? Julian Hilton PDF    
Uranium Minerals in Granitic rocks. - Prof. Medhat Mahmoud El Mansy, Egypt PDF    
Mining Sector In  Egypt - Dr. Sayed Ahmed Ali, Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority PDF    
Session 2: Uranium resources of Africa and application of UNFC-2009 - I      
UNFC-2009 Nuclear fuel Resources Bridging Document and Guidelines-  Hari Tulsidas, IAEA PDF    
The business case for commercial projects – Prof. Hamdy Seif El Nasr PDF    
Uranium from phosphates – Current status of  Egyptian  UxP project – M Montaser, Egypt PDF    
Uranium resources of Algeria: How can it be recovered? – J Nacer/ S Mokhtar PDF    
Uranium potential of Burkina Faso: Planning sustainable development – A Kambou PDF    
Uranium project development in Chad – Djimadji/ B Yacine PDF    
Application of UNFC 2009 for uranium from phosphate: Nile valley case study - M Montaser, Egypt PDF    
Application of UNFC 2009 for uranium from convention of resources: Abu-Zenima and Gattar Granites case study. - Prof. Ibrahim El Kattani, Dr. Mohamed Fouda, Dr. Mohamed Soliman, Dr. Hossam Anwar Khames, Egypt PDF    
Application of UNFC 2009 for Be from Abu-Rashid - Prof. Farrag Khalil, Egypt PDF    
Uranium and other minerals in Ghana – Case for implementing UNFC – J Hanson PDF    
Mineral sector and uranium governance in Cote d'Ivoire – K N’Guessan PDF    
Implementing UNFC-2009 for good mineral resource management in Madagascar – T Rakotoson PDF    
How to develop a business case for good governance of mineral project – Julian Hilton PDF    
Session 3: Uranium resources of Africa and application of UNFC-2009 - II      
Uranium in Mali – Application of UNFC-2009 – T Samake/ L Goita PDF    
How UNFC-2009 can leverage global communications – Charlotte Griffiths PDF    
Legal framework for uranium development in Malawi – C Chiwambo/ R Nachamba PDF    
45 years of uranium mining experience in Niger – C Djibo Sambo/ A-W Djibo PDF    
Sustainability of uranium projects in Morrocco – E-H Sayouty PDF    
Towards NORM management excellence in Tanzania – I Mwambete / M Nyaki PDF    
How UNFC-2009 standards are planned to be implemented in Nigeria  – T Arisekola/ Y A Bala PDF    
Uranium in Sudan – Way forward for a national project – M O Ebrahim PDF    
National uranium programme in Uganda – J Natukunda/ C Nyakecho PDF    
Uranium in DRC – Making a comeback? – P Mawaya Ndjundu PDF    
Scoring mineral projects with UNFC-2009 – Hari Tulsidas, EGRC/IAEA PDF    
Working Groups Report PDF    
UNFC SONG from Cameroon PDF