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Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Thirty-fourth meeting

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Thirty-fourth meeting

07 - 09 May 2008
Madrid Spain

Technical University of Madrid, School of Industrial Engineering, Jose Gutierrez Abascal 2

Provisional agenda (as of 29 April 2008, pdf 41 kB); presentations are available in pdf file format.
Mr. Rob Maas (Netherlands) chaired the meeting.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008 (start at 09.00)

1. Network for national integrated assessment modelling (NIAM)

a) Brief overview of national activities
b) Presentations on specific topics
c) Presentations on joint activities of NIAM

Note, that the NIAM meeting preceded the official TFIAM meeting and those presentations are made available at

Thursday, 8 May 2008

2. Introduction

News from the secretariat on relevant work of the various bodies under the Convention and the status of the 1999 Gothenburg Protocol (pdf)
Matti Johansson, UNECE secretariat

3. Developments in integrated assessment modelling

Network of national integrated assessment modellers (pdf)
Helen ApSimon, United Kingdom and Stefan Astrom, Sweden

Progress of the revision of the national emission ceilings (NEC) directive of the European Union (EU) (pdf)
Markus Amann, Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling (CIAM)

Report on the workshop on integrated modelling of nitrogen (pdf)
Rob Maas

4. Scenario development

Progress of the European Consortium for Modelling of Air Pollution and Climate Strategies (EU project EC4MACS)
Markus Amann

Application of GAINS-model for Asia and the rest of the world (pdf)
Markus Amann

4. Scenario development

Scenarios for non-EU countries (pdf)
Markus Amann

Development of coherent baseline emission scenarios based on policy plans for energy, climate, the reform of the common agricultural policy of the EU, the Framework Directive for Water (pdf)
Jan Wijmenga, Netherlands

Progress in estimating deposition and air quality modelling for non-EU countries (pdf)
Leonor Tarrason, EMEP/MSC-West

5. Developments in related areas

Progress in modelling critical loads and levels (pdf)
Jean-Paul Hettelingh, Coordination Centre for Effects (CCE)

Progress of Convention's Expert Group on Techno-economis Issues (EGTEI) on emerging technologies for large combustion plants and future developments (pdf)
Tiziano Pignatelli and Jean-Guy Bartaire, Co-Chairs of EGTEI

Progress in hemispheric transport modelling (pdf)
Frank Dentener, Joint Research Centre (JRC) - Ispra, Italy

Impact of present and future global air quality on human health: an integrated approach (pdf)
Rita van Dingenen, Joint Research Centre (JRC) – Ispra, Italy

Integrated exposure modelling (pdf)
Alexandra Kuhn, INTARESE and HEIMTSA projects, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Integrated assessment of heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (pdf)
Rainer Friedrich/Jochen Theloke, ESPREME and DROPS projects, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants: how could integrated assessment modelling help? (pdf)
Ramon Guardans, Spain

Energy security and air pollution (pdf)
Jos Olivier, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

The costs and health benefits of reducing emissions from power stations in Europe (a study by Mark Barrett (UCL) and Mike Holland (EMRC)) (pdf)
Mark Barrett, United Kingdom

Friday, 9 May 2008

6. Further work

a) Collaboration with the Working Group on Effects
b) Collaboration with the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen
c) Revision of the 1999 Gothenburg Protocol
d) Outreach activities
e) Update of the 2008 TFIAM workplan

7. Other business

8. Chair's report

Annex: Decisions by the Executive Body of the Convention, relevant for TFIAM (see agenda).

Planned close of the meeting on Friday at 13.00.