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Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Thirty-third meeting

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Thirty-third meeting

02 - 04 May 2007
Prague Czechia

Mr. Rob Maas (Netherlands) chaired the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was 1) to discuss the draft TFIAM document for the review of the Gothenburg protocol; 2) to assess progress in integrated modelling and scenario development; 3) to learn form experiences by national integrated modelling groups.

The latest provisional agenda for the meeting is available (pdf 29 kB).

Presentations (in pdf file format) and links:

1. Introduction

News from the secretariat on relevant work of the various bodies under the Convention and the status of the Gothenburg Protocol
Presentation by M. Johansson, UNECE secretariat


Results from the Saltsjöbaden conference
Presentation by A. Engleryd, Sweden

Progress of the EU Clean Air for Europe Programme
Presentation by G. Klaassen, European Commission

2. Review of the Gothenburg Protocol

Draft TFIAM document to the Working Group on Strategies and Review

3. Developments in integrated assessment modelling

Review (phase 1) of the GAINS model
Presentation by R. Maas, chair of the review team

Workshop "Modelling exposure of the urban population", November 2006; main results
Presentation by M. Johansson, UNECE secretariat
Workshop report as a pdf file in English: ECE/EB.AIR/GE.1/2007/14

Methodological changes in the GAINS model
Presentation by M. Amann, CIAM

Scenario development for EU and non-EU countries
Presentation by M. Amann, CIAM
(additional slides for scenarios)

Inclusion of low CO2-scenarios in GAINS
Presentation by M. Barrett, UK

European nitrogen research: forthcoming workshop on integrated assessment modelling on nitrogen
Presentation by S. Reis, CEH Edinburgh

4. National Integrated Assessment activities

Air pollution effects of biofuel use
Presentation by H. Eerens, EEA

Convergence of energy sector modelling approaches for different purposes
Presentation by M. Maly, Enviros

Integrated scenarios for air and climate change in Slovakia
Presentation by S. Nebusova, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute

Sensitivity analysis of City Delta calculationsfor several Spanish cities
Presentation by J. Lumbreras, Universidad Politechnica de Madrid

Health benefit modelling assessment of PM10 effective control policies in Northern Italy
Presentation by E. Pisoni, Universita degli Studi di Brescia

Environmental benefits for the Netherlands of control measures for international sea shipping at the North Sea
Presentation by J. Aben, Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency