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Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Thirty-secondth meeting

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Thirty-secondth meeting

17 - 19 May 2006
Rome Italy

The meeting was hosted by the ENEA.

The purpose of the meeting is 1) to assess the data needed for the review of the Gothenburg protocol; 2) to assess progress in integrated modelling and scenario development; 3) to learn form experiences by national integrated modelling groups.

Mr. Rob Maas (Netherlands) chaired the meeting.

The provisional agenda (including draft background documents as annex 1 and 2) for the meeting (pdf 70 kB).

The meeting amended the background documents (revised as of 20 June 2006):
1) Preliminary policy consequences of the most important methodological changes between 1999 and 2006 (Word file 27 kB),
2) Review of the Gothenburg Protocol: draft technical report of the Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling (Word file 46 kB).

Presentations and links:

1. Introduction

News from the secretariat on relevant work of the various bodies under the Convention and the status of the Gothenburg Protocol
Presentation by Matti Johansson, UNECE secretariat

Progress of the EU Clean Air for Europe Programme
Presentation by Eduard Dame, European Commission
More information:

2. Review of the 1999 Gothenburg Protocol

Requirements of the Working Group on Strategies
Presentations Richard Ballaman, chair WGSR, and Heinz Gregor, chair WGE

What can we expect? Hypothetical conclusions & questions to be answered
Presentation by Rob Maas, chair TFIAM
See annex 1 and annex 2

What can CIAM deliver?
Presentation by Markus Amann, CIAM

Contribution of MSC-W to review
Presentation by Hilde Fagerli, EMEP/MSC-W

Emission quality
Presentation by Kristin Rypdal

Work in EGTEI
Presentation by Tiziano Pignatelli, co-chair EGTEI

3. Developments in integrated assessment modelling

Status of the RAINS-model and scenario development
Two presentations by Markus Amann, CIAM, on (1) models and (2) scenarios
More information:

Improvement of national projections; questions arising from the review of RAINS-data
Presentation by Kristin Rypdal (chair TFEIP)

Interaction with European Nitrogen Policies
Presentation by Markus Amann (CIAM) and presentation by Stefan Reis (CEH Edinburgh)

Health impacts from emissions of large point sources
Presentation by Christer Agren, European Environment Bureau
More information

Cost-effectiveness of BAT-approaches
Presentation by Les White, Concawe

Integrated assessment at the global scale
Presentation by Rita van Dingenen, joint IES/JRC-IPTS/JRC

Low CO2-scenarios (of the new SENCO-scenarios)
Presentation by Anna Engleryd

4. National Integrated Assessment activities

Uncertainties in abatement costs due to uncertainties about Kyoto - Project Nordic Council
Presentation by Kristin Rypdal, Norway

Co-benefits of climate policy
Presentation by Johannes Bollen, the Netherlands

Attaining local air quality objectives - links to transboundary air pollution
Presentation by Helen ApSimon, United Kingdom

Future ozone concentrations in Spain
Presentation by Rafael Borge, Spain

Reduction of ozone exposure in Italy
Presentation by Marialuisa Volta, Italy

Experiments with RAINS-NL
Presentation by Jan Aben, the Netherlands