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Sixty-fourth session of the Specialized Section on Standardization of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (GE.1)

Sixty-fourth session of the Specialized Section on Standardization of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (GE.1)

18 - 21 April 2016
Room VIII, Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland


The 2016 session of the Specialized Section on Standardization of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables will discuss proposed revisions to several UNECE standards, review the draft Glossary of the terms used in UNECE standards and the UNECE Standard Layout. Further important items on the agenda are traceability issues in the trade of fresh fruit and vegetables and food loss/waste in the fresh fruits and vegetables supply chain and their linkages to the application of standards. 

The provisional agenda, including the tentative timetable, as well as other relevant documents for the discussions can be found under the Documents tab on this page.  

Current versions of the standards under discussion can be found under Reference Documents. The full list of UNECE standards for fresh fruits and vegetables is available through the Standards and Recommendations tab in the left menu.

Concurrent with the meeting, a culinary exhibition in celebration of the International Year of Pulses will also be held on 19 April 2016, 13.15-15.00 in Bar de l'Escargot, E-Building, 3rd floor, Palais des Nations.

Session documents

Document Symbol Document Title ENG FRE RUS
Agenda item 1:
Annotated provisional agenda PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/1-Rev Provisional agenda and annotations - Revision 15.04.2016 PDF    
Agenda item 2:
Report of the Working Party PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.19 Activities of the OECD fruit and vegetables scheme PDF - -
Agenda item 3:
Revision of UNECE Standards -  Truffles, Garlic, Headed Cabbage, Table Grapes and Annonas PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2015/9 Truffles, proposals by France (trilingual document) PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2015/10 Revised UNECE Standard - Garlic PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/4 Revision of UNECE Standards -  Sweet Peppers PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.5 Comments by Netherlands PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.10 Additional comments by Netherlands PDF    
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/5 Revision of UNECE Standards - Tomatoes PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/2015/11 Revised UNECE Standard - Tomatoes PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.1 Comments by Spain DOC - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.2 Comments by France PDF PDF -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.3 Comments by Morocco PDF PDF -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.4 Comments by Netherlands PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.6 Comments by Germany PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.16 Comments by Italy PDF    
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/6 Revision of UNECE Standards - Leeks PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/14 Proposal by OECD working group PDF PDF  
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/7 Revision of UNECE Standards - Citrus fruit - Proposals by South Africa PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.12 Comments by the United States PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.13 Comments by Spain PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.14 Comments by South Africa PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/8 Revision of UNECE Standards Apples -  List of varieties PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.15 Comments by Switzerland PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.20 Comments by WAPA PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.20 (Annex) Proposed list by WAPA  XLS - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/9 Revision of UNECE standards – Aubergines - comparison with draft Codex Standard PDF    
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.17 Comments by Iran PDF    
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/13 Fresh Figs -  proposals by Brazil PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.18 Additional information by Brazil PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/15 Chicory - proposal by Germany PDF PDF -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.7 Sweet Chestnuts - comments by Germany PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.9 Avocados - comments by Spain PDF - -
Agenda item 4:
Food loss/waste related to the use of standards - Discussion paper PDF PDF PDF
  Additional document: Statement Switzerland: food waste  PDF - -
  Additional document: Study on food loss in the fruits and vegetables sector in France PDF PDF  
Agenda item 5:
Discussion on quality tolerances in marketing standards PDF - -
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.11 Proposals by the United States PDF    
Agenda item 6: Summary of Conference on Traceability of Agricultural Produce PDF    
Agenda item 7:
Revision of the Standard Layout for UNECE Standards on Fresh Fruit and Vegetables PDF PDF PDF
Agenda item 8:
Glossary of terms used in UNECE standards PDF PDF PDF
ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/INF.8 Comments by Spain PDF - -

Reference Documents

Document Symbol Document Title ENG FRE RUS
  UNECE Standard for Truffles PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Headed Cabbages PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Table Grapes PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Annonas PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Sweet Peppers PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Tomatoes PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Citrus Fruit PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Apples PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Fresh Figs PDF PDF PDF
  UNECE Standard for Chicory PDF PDF PDF

Post-session Documents

Work in Progress
For contribution by 30 August 2016
Citrus - list of varieties
Citrus list of varieties - comments by South Africa

For comments/additional proposals by 31 December 2016
Standard Layout

Report and LoP

Document Symbol Document Title ENG FRE RUS
Report of the session ECE/CTCS/WP.7/GE.1/2016/2 PDF PDF PDF
List of participants   PDF    

For intersessional approval