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Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Twenty-seventh meeting

Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling, Twenty-seventh meeting

13 - 15 May 2002
Oslo Norway

Agenda, papers and presentations

Papers and presentations that have been made available can be accessed below:

I. Introduction
1. News from the secretariat on relevant work under the Convention, including harmonization of emission reporting guidelines - Henning Wuester, UNECE secretariat 

II. Uncertainty treatment 2. Adoption of the report of the Workshop on Uncertainty treatment, 24-25 January 2002 at IIASA     - Note by Guy Landrieu on uncertainty 

III Emissions and baseline scenarios
3. Status of the PM-emission inventory - Vigdis Vestreng and Leonor Tarrason, MSC-W
4. Progress on modelling emission scenarios - Markus Amann, CIAM 

5. CAFE-baseline scenario development by EEA - Keimpe Wieringa / Hans Eerens

IV. Progress on integrated assessment Modelling
6. Progress on atmospheric modelling at MSC-W - Leonor Tarrason, MSC-W  (15,417 kB)

7. Progress on addressing urban air pollution:
   - The City-DELTA project - CIAM/MSC-W 
   - Source-apportionement of urban PM in France - Jean-Marc Brignon, INERIS  
   - Local measures in urban areas to reduce transboundary air pollution, Helen ApSimon, Imperial College, London 
8. Reduced life expectancy from particulate matter - Markus Amann, CIAM  Presentation( )  Paper
9. Progress at Imperial College - Helen ApSimon, Imperial College, London 
10. Progress of the MERLIN-project - Leonor Tarrason, Norwegian Meteorological Institute 

V. Progress on ecosystem effects modelling
11. Use of results from dynamic soil modelling in integrated assessment modelling - IIASA / Max Posch, CCE

VI. Policy relevant indicators and targets
12. Exchange of ideas on relevant indicators and approaches for target setting

VII. Other integrated assessment activities 13. Air pollution and climate change, Markus Amann, CIAM 

14. National Integrated Assessment Activities:
- Jean-Marc Brignon, INERIS 
- Tiziano Pignatelli, ENEA  Abstract  

VII. Further work
Previous work plan 

VIII. Other business

IX. Chairman's report