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UN/CEFACT Mini Conference on the UN/CEFACT Reference Data Model

UN/CEFACT Mini Conference on the UN/CEFACT Reference Data Model

27 September 2016
Bangkok Thailand

The UN/CEFACT Reference Data Model: A new way to facilitate eBusiness communication

A breakthrough in how electronic communication will be carried out in the future

The first part of the Mini Conference will provide an introduction to a concept of UN/CEFACT Reference Data Models and how this concept is applied for the Supply Chain. The Supply Chain Reference Data Model (SCRDM) is a subset of the UN/CEFACT Core Component Library, a rich collection of business artefacts from which standard business documents can be created. The Cross Industry Invoice is the first created SCRDM-based standard business document. The real evolution is the creation of standard business documents from so called ‘Masters’ (applying UN/CEFACT CCBDA Methodology). In other Domains, such as UN/CEFACT’s Transport and Logistics Domain and Customs Domain, the same concept is being applied. This will be followed by the sharing of the project deliverables presented for public review.

The SCRDM project has developed an international Supply Chain Reference Data Model. Benefits of SCRDM for both the government and private sector include:

  • Reduction of administrative burden by efficient reuse of data
  • Based on an internationally accepted standard library
  • Enhanced interoperability of data across supply chain business processes
  • Standardized business document structures based on a common ‘Master’ structure
  • Facilitation of information flows between trade and government (Single Window)
  • Integrated international code lists e.g. UN/EDIFACT code lists
  • Use of a syntax neutral semantic model for defining business data exchanges

This Mini Conference will provide participants with useful and interesting information on the Supply Chain Reference Data Model (SCRDM). Participants will also get an insight on how to use this reference data model to create standard business documents, such as a purchase order, a dispatch advice etc.

Target audience
Experts and decision makers in the fields of Supply Chain and Transport & Logistics.


Participation and registration

To attend the Mini Conference, registration is compulsory. You are kindly invited to online registration by 15 September 2016 at the latest.